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    Sign The Petition To Defund Planned Parenthood And Defend The Right To Life!

    Planned Parenthood receives millions of taxpayer dollars every year to fund abortion. Join us now to stop them and defend the right to life!

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    We are in a fight for the soul of America. Planned Parenthood is going to spend $45 million in 2020 trying to elect pro-abortion Democrats - candidates who support killing innocent babies, even after they have been born in some cases.  Join us now to help stop Planned Parenthood and the Party of Death!

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    Democrats Want Your Guns

    Democrats don't think ordinary Americans should have guns and are trying every way they can to deny them this fundamental right. Sign your name to join the fight and say they will never take away our rights!

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    Hold China Accountable

    China lied, people died. Sign your name to show your support and hold China accountable for their lack of action that has resulted in a worldwide pandemic. 

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    Biden Hypocrisy

    The mainstream media did everything they could to damage the good name of Judge Kavanaugh. Now they are covering up for Joe Biden in the name of getting him into the White House and hurting President Trump. Help us defend the President, and call out the biased media's lies and coverups!

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    Don't Let Liberal States Get Bailed Out!

    Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are trying to get the federal government to bail out irresponsible liberal states that can't handle their own finances! Don't let your tax dollars go to liberal California and Illinois!

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    Brett Kavanaugh

    Liberals tried to ruin Brett Kavanaugh's life with lies and slander in the Senate confirmation trial. Now the New York Times is at it again. They will never stop peddling fake news. Help us fight back against the dishonest Democrats! Do you stand with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

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    Do you think the impeachment was a hoax?

    President Donald J. Trump was acquitted and the Democrats are already trying to find another way to impeachment him! Do you think the impeachment was a hoax? Let him know he has an army behind him.

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