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The television ad ‘Out of Control’ was customized for AZ, NV, PA, and WI to urge citizens to vote out crime, rising energy prices, and woke politics.

2022 Midterm  – Out of Control Campaign

This campaign urges voters in AZ, NV, PA, and WI to vote like America is at stake, because it is.

tv campaign

A multi-million-dollar television ad campaign spanning critical states of Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The television ad gives the facts on Kelly’s weak border policies.

2022 Midterm  – Day One Campaign Against Mark Kelly

This campaign highlights Mark Kelly’s dangerous border policies. Let’s make November 8 Kelly’s last day on the job.

tv campaign

A targeted television ad campaign spanning Arizona.

The television ad highlights Fetterman’s dangerous crime policies.

2022 Midterm  – Crime Campaign Against John Fetterman

This campaign reminds Pennsylvania voters that Fetterman voted to release the convicted murderer of a police officer’s child. 

tv campaign

A targeted television ad campaign spanning Pennsylvania.

The television ad highlights the “Poison” Tony Evers brings to Wisconsin.

2022 Midterm  – poison Campaign Against Tony Evers

This campaign reminds Wisconsin voters of the poisonous policies Tony Evers supports. It’s time for a new governor.

tv campaign

A targeted television ad campaign spanning Wisconsin.

The television ad ‘Gifts’ urges New Hampshire voters to move on from Maggie Hassan.

2022 Midterm  – Gifts Campaign Against Maggie Hassan

This campaign shows the “gifts” the Maggie Hassan and Joe Biden team has given. It’s time to move on.

tv campaign

A robust television ad campaign spanning New Hampshire.

The television ad ‘Soft on Criminals’ shows the danger Josh Shapiro brings to Pennsylvania.

2022 Midterm  – Soft on Criminals Campaign against Josh Shapiro

This campaign highlights the violent crime spike Josh Shapiro brought to Pennsylvania.

tv campaign

A targeted television ad campaign spanning Pennsylvania.

The ad ‘Vote NO on Issue 4’ urges Arkansas to vote against legalized drugs in their state.

2022 Safe and Secure Communities – Vote NO on Issue 4

This campaign was aimed to keep Arkansas safe from the consequences of recreational drugs.

TV Campaign

A television ad was created to warn Arkansas voters about the danger legalized marijuana brings to otherwise safe communities.


A stand-alone website shares information about the effects of legalization experiments in other states. See it here:


The television ad ‘Very Good Reasons’ was particularly effective in showcasing “Biden’s worst-ever campaign moment” according to the Washington Post.

2020 Unsuited Campaign Against Joe Biden

This campaign was instrumental to cutting deeply into Biden’s early Midwest and rustbelt leads.

tv campaign

A multi-million-dollar television ad campaign spanning critical states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising across the country complimenting the messaging of the television ad.


Stand-alone website which was designed to be an information destination on many facets of Joe Biden’s failures and flawed ideology. See it here: https://www.unsuited.org/

The ad ‘Insane’ effectively showcases the danger of lawless cities in America; a consequence of the liberal agenda.

2020 Presidential Campaign

In addition to the “Unsuited” ad discussed above, Restoration PAC produced multiple effective ads in the 2020 Presidential election:


‘Insane’ featured an actual 911 call from a mother trapped in a lawless riot.


‘Skimming’ presented new information in the final days of the election about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China, and how Joe Biden was caught lying about his knowledge. This ad also exposed bias in the media as one Philadelphia station refused to air it.

just begun

‘Just Begun’ highlighted the corrupt and outrageous attacks on President Trump and his supporters and ended with an aspirational message.

The ad ‘Green New Deal Gary’ highlighted the dangers of the widely unpopular Green New Deal, knocked points from Gary Peters, and forced him to react.

2020 Michigan US Senate

The Michigan US Senate campaign in 2020 provided Restoration PAC with a unique opportunity to drive this race into one of the cycle’s most competitive races. Striking early and often, Restoration PAC produced a multimillion-dollar television and digital campaign which:

cut lead

Cut incumbent Democrat US Senator Gary Peters’ early lead in HALF (from 15 points to 7) in the early months of the race.

Caused Reaction

Caused a desperate and off-guard Peters campaign and liberal outside groups to react in a way which received an FEC complaint. The Peters campaign acknowledged the attacks from Restoration PAC caused their reaction.

forced comments

Backed Senator Peters into a position clarifying his comments on the unpopular Green New Deal.


Supported Republican candidate John James, a military veteran and strong, independent leader with Restoration PAC-produced television ads ‘Who Will Stop It’ and Clear Choice’.

Fox News host Chris Wallace engages Democrat Senator and Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar on Restoration PAC pro-life advertisements.

2019-20 Pro-Life Initiatives

Restoration Action/PAC undertook the task of challenging Planned Parenthood and the radical liberal agenda regarding abortion:


Developed a hard-hitting website exposing Planned Parenthood.



Engaged hundreds of thousands of Americans with tough advertisements.



Stood at the forefront of pro-life messaging at a time when late-term abortion was a top national topic, and according to the New York Times “put Democrats on the defensive.”

‘Makeup’ was a wildly popular and creative television ad opposing Montana Senator Jon Tester. The ad focused on the top issues where Tester differed from the opinion of Montana residents.

2018 US Senate Campaigns

With the assistance of comprehensive television and digital ad campaigns by Restoration PAC in key races, Republicans maintained control of the US Senate. Restoration PAC:


Developed, produced and placed a highly successful online advertising campaign focused on the culture of liberalism versus middle American values against incumbent Democrat US Senators in Missouri, Indiana, and North Dakota.


Ran compelling television ads against incumbent Democrat US Senators in West Virginia, Montana and Wisconsin, forcing significant spending by Democrats to retain each Senate seat.


Instrumental in obtaining primary victories for Senate candidates in Montana and West Virginia.

The television ad ‘Hillary Clinton: Benghazi’ was greatly effective in damaging Clinton’s defense of her record due its comprehensive and creative timeline.

2016 Presidential Campaign

As one of our first big moves on the national political stage, Restoration PAC engaged in attacking Hillary Clinton:

tv ad

Developed the television ad ‘Hillary Clinton: Benghazi’ which laid out the devastating case in a comprehensive timeline format of Hillary Clinton’s lies to American and to the parents of fallen soldiers. This ad ran in the early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina; forcing her to begin answering questions about her dishonesty early in the campaign. This would plague her credibility for the remainder of the 2016 Presidential race.

web video

Developed the web video ‘The Case Against Hillary’ which laid out a comprehensive explanation of why Hillary Clinton should not become president. Between social media shares and YouTube views, it was viewed more than one million times in the weeks leading up to the election. It is the most “shared” Restoration PAC video of all time.

The television ad ‘Underdog’ provided Colorado voters with an aspirational message about candidate Darryl Glenn. Restoration PAC advertising moved the needle in this race and made it one of the cycles most competitive.

2016 US Senate Campaign

Despite being a relatively new political organization, Restoration PAC had a major impact in US Senate races in 2016:


By starting early and attacking Democrat challenger Russ Feingold on his support of the Obama Administration’s awful Iran Nuclear Agreement, we helped incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson erase a double-digit deficit and define Feingold early in the race on an issue that was extremely unpopular.


Supporting Republican US Senate candidate Darryl Glenn in Colorado in what was nearly the biggest Senate political upset in decades. As one of the only outside groups investing in Glenn’s race, Restoration PAC helped to draw him within two points of incumbent Democrat Senator Michael Bennet. Restoration PAC advertising and investment put this race on the map forcing Democrats to spend millions defending a seat they did not anticipate being in play.

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