We are calling on Planned Parenthood to pay back every single penny of taxpayer funding it received as part of the federal government's Coronavirus disaster recovery assistance. No organization involved with abortion, let alone the single largest provider, should receive Coronavirus relief funding!

Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider and is responsible for nearly 50% of abortions performed in America every year. Not only are they responsible for more than 300,000 abortions at that rate, they've also earned more than $1 billion for those services. With revenues that high, why does Planned Parenthood think it can fool the country into believing it needs this money? 

Not only that, most Planned Parenthood clinics in America were deemed essential and allowed to stay open! So while hospitals in many rural areas of our country have shuttered during this disaster, some likely never to re-open again because they were not allowed to perform any other services that keep them running, Planned Parenthood was free to perform as many abortions as it pleased. 

We want Planned Parenthood to pay back every penny. An investigation by Attorney General Barr is an important step to get that done. Add your name to make them PAY IT BACK!


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