Fresh Off Ohio Win, Leftists Look to Codify Abortion “Rights” with New Arizona Ballot Initiative

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Abortion

Is Arizona the next state to go from modest abortion limits to abortion up until birth? That’s certainly the goal of Indivisible PAC, a group gathering signatures to put abortion “rights” on the state’s 2024 ballot. Look out, conservatives—we can’t afford to be caught off-guard again.

Pro-life conservatives won big in 2022 with the Supreme Court’s reversal of abortion “rights” in the Dobbs case. Yet this victory has emboldened the Left to expand abortion in key states—threatening millions of unborn lives.

We saw it play out in ruby-red Ohio where far-left groups defeated a measure in August, that would’ve made it harder for them to put an abortion “rights” initiative on the ballot for November 2023. 

Next up is Arizona, where left-wing mega-donors and activists at Indivisible PAC are tactically embracing abortion as a wedge issue for 2024. By playing on the emotions of moderate voters, they hope to distract from their broader agenda of crippling American exceptionalism and personal freedoms.

Indivisible PAC circulated a memo just one day after the Ohio vote outlining how the 2022 midterms and recent “state level ballot measures” went in favor of Democrats, due to the increased focus on abortion and how it’s being presented to the public.

If they can win in Ohio, they can win in Arizona—a swing state Joe Biden carried by only 0.3 percent in 2020 against President Trump. And with plenty of cash from Karla Jurvetson, it’s an uphill battle for pro-life groups pushing back.

The Woman Behind the Curtain

Jurvetson is the tip of the spear when it comes to this new pro-abortion push.

The Silicon Valley psychiatrist has donated millions of dollars to far-left causes and Democratic campaigns over the years. FEC filings show she’s already given over $500,000 to “Indivisible Action” for the upcoming 2024 cycle, making her the top donor for that time period. During the 2022 cycle, she gave the PAC just over $580,000.  

Jurvetson was also one of the largest individual donors to Wisconsin’s Democratic Party during the contentious battle to flip the State Supreme Court in April 2023—a battle the Left unfortunately won—thanks to her half-million dollar infusion. She also gave $20,000 to the Janet for Justice PAC, which supported judge Janet Protasiewicz.

The result: Wisconsin’s first liberal majority on the high court in 15 years.

In August, the fight to reform Ohio’s constitution had Jurvetson’s fingerprints all over it, with her donations to “One Person One Vote” (also known as No on Issue One) topping $1 million. This group successfully lobbied voters to reject a measure that would have raised the threshold for changing Ohio’s constitution, setting up a showdown over an abortion amendment vote this Fall.

Jurvetson has ties to fellow mega-donor George Soros and joined him in giving $1 million to “One Georgia” for Stacey Abrams’ failed gubernatorial campaign in 2022. She is listed as a “major donor” for the far-left agitation group MoveOn and has ties to the infamous Democracy Alliance as well, which convenes the Left’s top donors to coordinate their political spending.   

Jurvetson gave $14.6 million to Persist PAC, which formed in early 2020 ahead of the Democratic presidential primaries, to help far-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–MA). Of note: Paul Egerman, who is a millionaire and worked on Warren’s campaign, served as board treasurer for the Democracy Alliance.

Jurvetson is listed as being on the board of directors for the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List, which Soros and the Democracy Alliance have both supported. A blog for the Alliance published a post about Emily’s List in 2018, claiming it was the top gatekeeper for “progressive women” seeking higher office.

That same year, Jurvetson gave $5.4 million to Women Vote! in the form of company shares from a Chinese firm known as Baidu, which trades on the U.S. stock exchange. This aroused suspicion as only American citizens are allowed to donate in U.S. elections.

Jurvetson’s PAC simply replied: “We’ve cleared the donation through our lawyers.”

Jurvetson’s ex-husband, Steve—who is a billionaire businessman and also a top political donor to leftist causes such as Black Lives Matter—drew negative attention for allegedly hosting a sex and drug fueled party at his Silicon Valley home in 2017.

He eventually left his venture capitalist firm after an internal probe found “a pattern of deception with women including extramarital affairs, some of which blurred the line between his professional and personal lives.”  

The Arizona Memo Has Merit

The “Indivisible” memo states that “Democratic donors and stakeholders should look to Arizona as the next state with a serious, layered return on investment for putting abortion on the ballot.” It added:

New polling reaffirms that Arizona has a unique and strong pro-choice streak that crosses party lines, motivating Democrats and muddying the waters for many Republican voters, who don’t follow their party’s extremes.

The polling conducted by Indivisible—in partnership with the leftist group Data For Progress—backs this up.  

According to the PAC’s numbers, voters in Arizona staunchly support Roe v. Wade and identity as “pro-choice” by a landslide margin of 60 percent. The poll claimed 58 percent of independent voters—a coveted part of the state’s electorate—side with pro-abortion viewpoints, while 58 percent of overall state voters believe the Supreme Court erred when it issued its historic Dobbs decision last year.

The memorandum predicted an abortion measure of this kind would result in a 2 percent increase in Democratic votes, while Republicans voters would be 7 percent “less likely to vote.” Those who are younger and Latino would be counted on to widen the margin for liberal candidates. This is a tangible theory given the unique makeup of the state’s electorate.

“Get Them to Sign on the Line Which is Dotted”

Indivisible considers Arizona to be the “lynchpin” of Biden’s re-election, as it was won by Trump in 2016 and has historically been a Republican state. If this strategy sticks—and abortion is made the central issue—the 2024 Republican nominee (Trump or otherwise) could realistically lose the state… and with it the presidency.

It could also hobble the Republican Party’s ability to retain the U.S. House and prevent them from flipping Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate seat, currently being pursued by Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

On the state level, control of both legislative chambers would be up for grabs due to the razor-thin Republican majority. If that happened, Gov. Katie Hobbs’ veto pen could turn into a rubber stamp for radicalized laws, new COVID lockdowns, a dramatic increase in illegal immigration, the institution of a social credit score, and other horrors that would likely drive out conservatives, turning the state into a Democratic stronghold.

Indivisible needs 384,000 signatures to reach the threshold necessary to make the 2024 ballot and is doing all it can to make that happen.

Changing Course

It’s vital to continue exposing those who are funding these efforts, so Arizonans know they are being manipulated by big dollar donors from out of state. Pushing these findings through local media is step one. Step two is to invest more money than Leftist PACs are spending, to keep this measure off the ballot.

Ads should be run with surgical accuracy, pinpointing the localities most likely to be swayed by Indivisible’s messaging. Arizona voters are independent-minded and would be quick to spot this political fix if it was pointed out.

Once that message is established, donors and candidates must understand certain states and areas of the U.S. require different campaign platforms. The pro-life movement does not win by having its candidates lose.

As important as the fight for the unborn is, there are several other factors currently dragging Arizona down that must be put front-and-center during election season, before the signature deadline in July. Conservatives were asleep at the wheel in Ohio and Wisconsin, as voter turnout issues resulted in defeat. This cannot be repeated.

Support should be given to candidates who keep their focus on the rising murder rate, Fentanyl abuse, human trafficking and cartel activity near the southern border, stemming from Biden-era policies on illegal immigration.

Potential nominees should ask Arizona voters if they want their backyards to look like New York City and offer them better choices when it comes to schooling, free speech, taxes, a right to bear arms, and upholding the rule of law.

Whether the abortion measure makes it onto the ballot or not, Republicans would do well this cycle to realize it’s all smoke and mirrors. Tricks designed to deflect and distract.

To quote a film from famed director Christopher Nolan, these current efforts represent the “pledge and the turn” for their magic trick. The final act—“the prestige”—will be a total takeover of this once promising area of the country, where radical leftist donors would have the final say.

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