BUYER’S REMORSE: Wisconsin Voters Pine for Trump’s Roaring Economy

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Bidenflation

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Wisconsinites say “hell no.”

Remember a time when the world was at peace, food and gas were cheap, and housing was affordable? Wisconsinites do—and Joe Biden wasn’t at the helm.

By a huge margin—54 to 39 percent—likely voters in this key swing state say that they were better off financially under Donald Trump, according to a new poll by Steve Cortes’ League of American Workers. That includes an even number of Republican and Democratic voters, by the way.

When asked about how well Biden’s handling the economy, their response is even starker: 56 percent disapprove compared with just 44 percent who approve of his performance. That gap widens when considering independents, 59 percent of whom disapprove of Biden’s track record.

On average, Americans are paying $1,069 more each month to purchase household necessities than they were just 3 years ago, before Biden took office and the inflation crisis erupted.

Not surprisingly, then, fully 63 percent of Wisconsin voters blame Biden’s administration for raising food prices. And 84 percent believe typical families can no longer live on a single income, according to the Cortes poll.

Though Biden and other Democrats pretend inflation is “temporary” and “transitory,” government figures show the consumer price index, which measures prices on everyday household goods, has risen by 17 percent since he took office in Jan. 2021.

Milk cost $2.70 for a gallon in 2020; today it costs $3.26 on average. Eggs were $2.35 per carton, now they’re $3.87. Own a dog? A box of dog food cost $5.42 in 2020—and $8.48 today.

How about a car? Gas prices are up at least 50 percent under the Democrat. Wisconsin drivers used to pay $2.27 per gallon on average in early 2021; today its $3.40 per gallon.

A Big Mac used to cost $4.89 in Dec. 2020. Three years later it’s $5.69. If that doesn’t sound like much, consider that in some places a Big Mac meal with fries and a drink can cost nearly $18. A woman in southern California recently posted her bill for a chicken nugget meal: Over $25. McDonalds also dropped its famous $1 drink deal last year. For low-income families struggling to pay the bills, that’s devastating—and it was completely avoidable.

Everywhere Americans are paying more and getting less. That’s the Left’s socialist policies doing what they’re designed to do—screw the consumer. How much longer will voters put up with it?

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