Media Lies Can’t Hide the Truth—It’s a Dark Winter for Wisconsin, Thanks to Bidenflation

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Bidenflation

In a tale of two economies, guess which you’re a part of

What is “Bidenomics,” anyway? To working families, it means soaring food, gas, and housing costs as we head into one of the most expensive Christmases in memory.

Yet ask a coastal liberal elite or their media lackeys, and you’ll hear that Joe Biden’s “booming” economy is “honestly, pretty amazing,” “going strong,” “getting stronger,” or—and this is the peachiest—that “Joe Biden has given us the greatest economy ever.

For wealthy shareholders, that is. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high in mid-December. GDP is up. To the elites backing Biden, it’s time to pop the champagne.

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The Left sneers that if you’re one of the tens of millions of wage-earning Americans struggling to pay your ever-rising bills, provide for your family, or keep a small business afloat, this is the best economy you’ve ever lived through—and anyone who says otherwise is a moron.

With lies like these, it’s little wonder that virtually no one trusts the “mainstream” media. Rasmussen reports that 60 percent of likely voters believe media bias is only getting worse. Expect that figure to climb after the White House’s latest blitz blaming President Trump and the nearly 4-year-old COVID-19 pandemic for Biden’s dismal economy and high inflation.

Wisconsiners aren’t buying it. A new poll by Steve Cortes and the conservative League of American Workers reveals that a whopping 71 percent of Wisconsin parents believe that the American Dream is beyond their reach. Just 16 percent of parents with school-age children believe the country is on the right track.

And the numbers only get worse from there. A scant 10 percent of Wisconsiners strongly approve of Biden’s handling of the economy versus 63 percent who strongly disapprove. As for the term Bidenomics, only 5 percent of parents view it favorably; 44 percent view the term unfavorably.

Americans are blowing through their savings to cover everyday costs. Auto manufacturers are reporting a huge rise in delinquent car payments. Food and gas prices are up 20 percent and 38 percent since 2021, respectively. Credit card debt is breaking new records. Inflation is stealing income even as earnings fall—$6,800 per family per year.

No amount of op-eds by press hacks playing up “Bidenomics” or blaming the last administration for this mess will cover for Biden’s clear failures. People remember that things were dramatically better under Trump, which is why the former president is leading by as much as 6 points in Wisconsin polls.

And nervous Democrat strategists are noticing. Operatives are quietly urging the Biden administration to stop saying Bidenomics altogether with the President himself admitting earlier this year, “I don’t know what the hell that is.”

Neither do the insulated left-wing activists running his administration. Brace for things to get worse before voters go to the polls next November.  

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