While Inflation Chokes Wisconsinites, Tony Evers Rewards University Profs with Big Pay Raise

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Bidenflation

Inflation is up, incomes are down, and Wisconsinites are scrambling to pay for groceries. And now Democrats want taxpayers to fund a pay hike for the professors spreading dangerous, anti-Semitic ideology in our college classrooms. This is the Left’s agenda at play—and you can’t afford it.

Wisconsin families are watching their savings dwindle to cover out-of-control gas, food, and household electricity prices. Gov. Tony Evers’ response? Raise the already inflated salaries of university professors indoctrinating our kids with anti-American, even anti-Semitic ideology—and hope voters don’t notice.

Late last month, the Democrat governor sued the legislature for blocking a 6 percent pay raise for 35,000 University of Wisconsin employees, because Republican lawmakers oppose rewarding their extreme Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) curricula. Evers called it “just bullshit.”

“You can’t do that,” he whined to reporters.

Paying Off the Profs

But the real turd is Evers’ giveaway to radical tenured professors earning $174,000 on average per year—the fifth-highest in the nation and more than 2.5 times the median Wisconsin household income—while working families are watching their incomes erode under Bidenflation.

According to a new poll by Steve Cortes, founder of the League of American Workers, a stunning 77 percent of likely voters polled in Wisconsin and other key states say the nation is headed in the wrong direction.

Their top reason: Joe Biden’s dismal handling of the economy.

60 percent of those polled named food costs as their number one or number two top concerns. Grocery prices have leaped by 20 percent in just three years. People are responding by desperately cutting costs, including groceries, says Target’s CEO. In Georgia, at least one food bank is facing its “biggest food shortage . . . in 40 years of food banking.”

“The reality,” Cortes points out, “is that the U.S. consumer is so afflicted by Biden’s inflation that buying food has become a hardship in 2023 America.” Who would’ve thought it could happen here?

After food costs, Wisconsinites are fretting about income erosion. Nationwide, household incomes are down 2.3 percent from 2021 levels, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, largely driven by Democrat-caused inflation. In Wisconsin, household incomes in 2022 were 1.7 percent lower than the national median pre-tax income.

At the same time, housing costs have skyrocketed up by nearly 50 percent across the Badger State since October 2018. Madison home prices are on average 7.1 percent higher than the rest of the country.

New homebuyers are out of luck: Mortgage rates reached a new high of 8.2 percent on a 30-year fixed loan this month as Biden’s Federal Reserve jacks up interest rates. Compare that with the low of 2.67 percent in October 2020. Nor are renters safe, with rent for one-bedroom apartments rising 20 percent since 2020.

Anti-Semites in Our Midst

With all this devastation, Wisconsin residents are right to ask whether it’s right to reward tenured radicals with more taxpayer money. So let’s examine their recent track record.

Students at UW Madison responded to Hamas’ deadly attack on 1,300 unarmed Israelis with a pro-Palestine demonstration, waving Palestinian flags and shouting “Glory to the murders!” and “We will liberate the land—by any means necessary!”

That protest was organized by Students for Justice in Palestine, which calls Hamas terrorists “our comrades in arms.”

Considering that UW Madison has the sixth-most number of Jewish students of any public school in the U.S., you’d think the condemnation from faculty would be swift. So how did the university respond to these pro-terrorist anti-Semites? Complete silence.

“The university is not able to restrict First Amendment protected speech,” faculty later blandly told the New York Post.

Really? Those same administrators didn’t lift a finger to stop far-left protesters from shutting down conservative speaker Katie Pavlich when she gave a talk at the school in 2017. Nor did faculty defend the First Amendment rights of Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro when he gave a speech on campus on Nov. 7 while anti-Semites protested outside.

At best, these faculty are spineless weasels who don’t deserve a penny more in taxpayer support. At worst, they’re spreading a dangerous ideology that’s infecting our youth with a hatred not seen since the Holocaust.

Either way, these are Tony Evers’ pals—and he’s demanding you reward them.

People are suffering while Jew-hating Democrats play political games. No wonder Evers is taking the lawsuit straight to the Protasiewicz supreme court, where leftists can count on an easy win that will leave regular people even worse off.

For the Left, that’s business as usual. Will Wisconsin voters buy it in 2024?

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