Read Doug Truax’s Letter to the RNC: “Don’t Let Leftist NBC Host 2024 GOP Debate”

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Culture War

If Republicans are serious about winning in 2024, they should start by avoiding self-inflicted wounds.

Dear Chairwoman McDaniel:

It is amazing this letter is necessary. It is beyond comprehension that the RNC would give a conservative smearing, round-the-clock misinformation network like NBC the right to host a Republican presidential debate.

In case you’ve been in a coma the last few years, we live in a new world where the government, Big Tech, and establishment media are openly colluding to hide the truth and help Democrats. The only way Democrats’ bad policies can survive in America is via a steady stream of propaganda.

NBC is right at the tip of this spear. It has spread thousands of false Russian collusion hoax stories, racial hoaxes, climate hoaxes, and gender and abortion misinformation. It lies 24/7 about nearly everything.

Americans have awakened to understand this. Their trust in establishment media is at an all-time low. Republican mistrust tops 90 percent. To fight back, new conservative media is spreading across the landscape in spite of efforts to stifle it. As leader of the RNC, it should be your job to encourage and enable those media outlets that are speaking the truth, and to not reward purveyors of false establishment narratives.

You need to immediately switch gears and retract your offer allowing NBC to moderate the upcoming debate. You can’t allow liars to frame questions to our candidates. You want to win in 2024, right?


Doug Truax
Founder & President
Restoration of America

PDF version available here

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