Veterans Protections Are in Katie Hobbs’ Sights

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Culture War

Democrats show they have more important things to do than support our veterans

Arizona Democrats are showing their true colors when it comes to supporting the troops—voting against a Senate bill that would implement financial protections for veterans.

Republicans passed SB 1308 through the Senate but did not garner the support of Arizona Democrats, leading many to believe veto-happy Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) will kill the bill if it lands on her desk. The bill would block a person from receiving compensation for “advising, consulting or assisting an individual regarding a veterans’ benefits matter before the department of veterans’ services or the United States department of veterans affairs.”

While all Republicans voted in favor of SB 1308, 12 Democrats voted against it and two did not vote at all. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Wendy Rogers (R) and co-sponsored by Sens. Anthony Kern (R) and Justine Wadsack (R).

In order for a veteran to receive advising, consulting or assisting outside of the department of veterans’ services or the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs, terms of agreement must be written that include a disclosed payment amount for services provided, according to the bill.

The agreement can’t require initial fees or be made on a nonrefundable basis, and the fees must not exceed 5 times the increase in veterans’ benefits.

All agreements will have the following written in 12-point font in a noticeable location:

“This business is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with the Arizona department of veterans’ services or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or any other federally chartered veterans’ service organization. The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, local veterans’ service organizations or other federally chartered veterans’ service organizations may be able to provide you with this service free of charge.”

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While the bill has yet to clear the Arizona legislature, Hobbs has a ruthless history of shooting down common-sense Republican legislation.

In just her first 6 months in office she managed to veto over 140 bills, and the majority were bipartisan legislation advanced by a Republican majority. If she is vetoing bipartisan legislation simply because Republicans have a slight majority, one can only assume what she will do to the veterans’ protection bill.

Many of her vetoes showcased her “progressive” stance on abortioneducationillegal immigration, election integrity, and Second Amendment gun rights

Hobbs’ “progressive” stance is no surprise, as she is backed by mega-donor George Soros, who bankrolls numerous rogue district attorneys across the United States who promote lawlessness through loose crime policies.

Gov. Hobbs and Arizona Democrats continue to fail Arizona veterans and residents. It is time they are held accountable for their “progressive” actions.

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