Big Philanthropy Demands Pro-Hamas Ceasefire

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Dark Money

Multi-billion-dollar foundations are pushing Israelis to let Hamas get away with its killing spree

To most Americans, it’s common sense that nations have a right to defend themselves against invaders. In Israel’s case, that means wiping out the Hamas murderers who in October instigated the worst terror attack in years. The average American understands and agrees with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s argument that, “Though Israel didn’t start this war, Israel will finish it.”

But not if Big Philanthropy gets its way.

A new coalition of America’s top left-wing foundations—which together raked in nearly $6 billion in 2021 alone—is using their financial heft to demand Israel cut a ceasefire deal which preserves the terrorist group, opening up the Jewish State for future Oct. 7-style attacks for decades.

That’s the equivalent of ordering the United States not to fight back after enduring Imperial Japan’s unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Instead, Americans demanded Japan’s unconditional surrender—the only sensible response to violence aggressors.

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Yet today’s radical Left is utterly committed to their anti-Semitic ideology, which has festered in America’s universities for generations. It’s vital that Americans understand how bad it’s gotten by hearing it firsthand.

Surrendering to Terrorists

An open letter from Funders for a Ceasefire Now, a coalition of mega-donors and activist groups, reveals this deep corruption. The letter equivocates between the women, children, and unarmed civilians massacred by Hamas terrorists and the civilians accidentally killed by Israeli military actions—as if this “tragic loss of life in Palestine and Israel” was a natural disaster rather than a planned assault by Hamas leadership.

The letter calls for:

  1. An immediate ceasefire;
  2. Safe, unimpeded passage of humanitarian aid (including food, water, medicine and fuel) . . . into all areas of Gaza . . .
  3. Stopping US and European funding and weapons for the Israeli military; and
  4. . . . the safe release of all civilians taken hostage from Israel as well as of all Palestinians who have been unlawfully detained.

That’s just a start. The letter places all blame on the conflict’s “root causes” on the “decades of systematic violence, military occupation and displacement that all Palestinians, especially in Gaza, have experienced at the hands of the Israeli government.”

“We call for the U.S. and European governments to stop enabling war crimes through unconditional military support”—in other words, arms sales to Israel—“and for Israel to end its collective punishment of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents.

“There is no military solution to this crisis,” the coalition writes. “We are united in challenging all bigotries rooted in white supremacy.” Huh?

To anyone familiar with the far Left, this will sound familiar. It’s Marxist-speak for labeling Israelis “oppressors”—ergo “white supremacists”—justifying any attacks by the so-called “oppressed,” no matter how bloody.

Put into practice, it’s why House Democrats refused to condemn anti-Semitism in general in a congressional resolution last month. This after pro-Hamas rioters incited an insurrection on Oct. 19 that took over a House office building, then another in November that forced officials at the Democratic National Committee to hide in the basement or evacuate under armed escort from their own supporters.

Many of these Democrats are part of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a Stalinist group which cheered on the Oct. 7 attack while blasting “Israel’s apartheid regime” for 60 years of “ethnic cleansing, torture, bombings, and housing demolitions.” Not a mean word to say about Hamas.

Big Money

So who are these pro-ceasefire funders?

The Tides Foundation, one of the largest “dark money” funders in the world, is a signatory. Ditto the Tides employees’ union, itself part of the massive (and massively political) SEIU, is also a signatory. So are at least two Tides fronts: Solidaire Action, a Black Lives Matter-aligned group, and FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund, the latter of which boasts a south-side-up map of the world to impress upon the public just how dedicated it is to the “Global South.”

frida young feminist fund global map
Source: FRIDA The Young Feminist

Notably, Tides also funds multiple pro-ceasefire groups: the terrorist-friendly Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Palestine Legal, and Jewish Voice for Peace. Despite its name, that last one is a pro-Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) ally of the U.S. Palestinian Council, which fundraises for DSA Democrats. We’ve also traced Tides money to the WESPAC Foundation, which sponsors the infamous pro-Hamas group Students for Justice in Palestine, responsible for many of the anti-Israel riots across U.S. campuses since October.

Another signatory is Communities for Just Schools, which pushes CRT and woke curricula in schools. Yet it’s not a nonprofit but a front for the New Venture Fund, the biggest cog in the multi-billion-dollar Arabella Advisors “dark money” machine.

Few have heard of Bend the Arc, a key signatory, but they know its board chair: Jonathan Soros, son of George. Bend the Arc bankrolls Democratic Party political causes while blaming Trump voters for anti-Semitism, dedicating an entire website to the smear campaign.

Then there’s the Proteus Fund and its fronts, the Emergent and RISE Together Funds. Like Tides and the Arabella network, Proteus moves hundreds of millions of dollars from anonymous mega-donors to left-wing political groups while shielding their identities—“dark money” 101—including CAIR.

Ironically, Proteus was a key funder for the gay marriage campaigns of a decade ago, a policy unthinkable in Palestine and the rest of the Islamic world, where homosexuals are beheaded or hanged from cranes.

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And Thousand Currents, another signatory, is another California-based pass-through specializing in funding the radical Left. Thousand Currents sponsored one of the key Black Lives Matter groups as far back as 2016 before handing it off to the Tides Center, a Tides Foundation affiliate, with funding from the Kellogg Foundation (yes, that Kellogg)—itself a major CAIR funder.

Thousand Currents and the Arabella network also fund the Alliance for Global Justice, a nonprofit with close ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror group. Under pressure from conservative investigators, PayPal and other payment processors have dropped the alliance as a partner. When will Thousand Currents cut off funding to it as well?

The same goes for Borealis Philanthropy, a signatory which has moved money to CAIR and the Alliance for Global Justice. We’ve traced huge sums from Borealis to transgender activist groups; would Palestinians support that same LGBT activism in Gaza?

The list goes on, but you get the picture. Far from an outlier, this is a press release from Big Philanthropy with a clear message for Israel: Lay down your arms and take your punishment without fighting back.

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