New Movie Blasts Climate Alarmism, Theory of Man-Made Global Warming

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Environmentalism

More tools to fight the climate alarmism propaganda.

A new documentary annihilates the man-made global warming fraud and climate alarmism. Climate: The Movie, or The Cold Truth, went live on March 21. It’s been described as a “joyful exposé of the absurd story that is the climate crisis.” The Cold Truth exposes the “climate control” narratives as apocalyptic scams. These scams deceive voters and drive governments to adopt anti-free market policies.

Climate: The Movie is directed by Martin Durkin, who has produced dozens of nature documentaries for the BBC. It’s a sequel to Durkin’s first climate movie, 2007’s The Great Global Warming Swindle. Tom Nelson produced, and has actively promoted it at theatrical premieres around the world. Nelson hosts a very popular podcast in which he interviews a wide variety of experts on global warming and climate topics. The documentary features interviews with a number of professors of physics, climate, meteorology, and other relevant fields.

Viewers will learn simple, sensical, factual arguments that slay fallacies underpinning the hypothesis of man-made global warming heating boiling.

Experts Say the Experts Are Lying

The experts interviewed in the movie reveal the extent to which their careers have suffered due to their skeptical views. The self-appointed gatekeepers of official climate science smear the reputations of their perceived enemies who express skepticism about the theory. Some, like Dr. Nir Shaviv, discuss the ways their careers got derailed by unethical attacks. Others, like Dr. Willie Soon, talk about getting labeled as kooks for examining other effects on the earth’s climate, like solar radiation. A Kenyan farmer, Jusper Machogu, reveals the extent of the racist and colonialist attitudes held by many environmental extremists and World Economic Forum (WEF) elites. As he points out, they want the entire African continent to develop without fossil fuels. This destroys Africa’s chances to get ahead like the developed world.

Dr. Will Happer, professor emeritus at Princeton, said with a chuckle, “When I hear people pontificating about a temperature change of one and a half degrees ending human civilization, I wonder what they’ve been smoking.”

Nobel Laureate John Clauser summed up the climate scam more succinctly, saying, “It’s a crock of crap.”

The documentary lays out a thorough case that the theory of man-made global warming doesn’t hold up to observed facts. Much like Restoration of America’s comprehensive report, How The Left’s Global Warming Ideology Wrecked Science, Climate: The Movie points out a fact that no acolyte of the theory has ever refuted. CO­2­ cannot cause surface or atmospheric temperature change, because atmospheric concentrations of the trace gas follow temperature changes—it doesn’t precede them.

Climate Alarmism Doesn’t Hold Up

It also dismantles the scare graphs often cited by global warming alarmists that purport to show a spike in temperatures caused by human activity. (They can’t support this conclusion with a proven causation). One of the most effective moments of the movie centers around the data produced by the United Nations (UN) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC’s Sixth Annual Assessment states, “models continue to overestimate observed warming . . . by at least 0.1°C per decade . . . .”

The documentary shows data indicating weather has changed very little, despite the doomsayers predicting more extreme storms and weather patterns.

The British petrophysicist Andy May provided a very helpful annotated bibliography of the points made in Climate: The Movie, in case anyone would like to read up on the science behind the skepticism.

Despite the Facts, the Hoax Persists

So why does the theory persist, and dominate our scientific institutions, and continue to drive public policy to the exclusion of alternative theories?

Several of the scientists interviewed in the movie relate their own experiences dealing with climate gatekeepers. Several said their careers hit brick walls after they produced studies that didn’t confirm the theory. Most funding available to scientists, in the form of grants from foundations and governments, comes with strings attached. It has gotten so bad over the period of a couple of decades, scientists find it nearly impossible to win grants that don’t conform. Even proposing to examine other variables in the climate may undermine the carbon narrative.

The hoax has grown beyond any imaginable scope. Governments, corporations, universities, and scientific institutions have all succembed. They withered under the massively corrupt influence of these ideas that one simply cannot question. Climate: The Movie gives viewers the tools to fight back. It tells the whole truth about carbon dioxide and the complex systems of the climate. It is available on Rumble, Twitter, and YouTube, although early reports indicate some platforms have shadowbanned it.

Despite the intrusions of some Big Tech platforms, it has had millions of views since its release on March 21. The best way to see it is at the official website, Nelson also has a lengthy resource post on his Substack page, here.

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