Why Do Republicans Roll Over On ‘Climate Change?’

by | Mar 3, 2024 | Environmentalism

Republicans’ secret weapon is the weakness of Big Climate’s argument. It truly is flimsy and will collapse under even a moderate level of pressure. It’s time to apply that pressure.

Originally published at American Greatness (Feb. 22, 2024)

Why are Republicans supine in the fight against the Marxist takeover of our entire way of life? They are petrified, for some reason, about engaging the debate on the “science” of “climate change.”

This abandonment of the playing field has allowed climate spending to overtake the landscape like Kudzu vines on steroids.

In Joe Biden’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law in 2022, estimates are that $1 trillion in climate pork is stuffed into the bill. For perspective, the current federal budget is roughly $7 trillion.

All this to support policies that are based on a lot of sound and fury but very little, if any, valid science. Restoration News’ Jeff Reynolds summed up nicely the flimsy nature of climate science in his recent two-part report, “How the Left’s global warming ideology wrecked science and how to stop it.” He concluded that the underlying science of Anthropogenic Global Warming has not been proven, its furtherance as an emergency policy imperative is based on massive data, temperature, and other manipulations, and all this deception is being protected through censorship aided by dutiful news media and compliant Big Tech.

For example, did you know that the U.S. EPA’s own data shows that 81 percent of U.S. weather stations report no increase in warm days since 1948?

You likely don’t know this because data like this is suffocated under a massive censorship regime that infects the highest levels of Big Science, Big Tech, and corporate liberal media. Only liberal propaganda gets through the rigid screen most of the time.

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Where have Republicans been as Democrats have made deep strides in dismantling America’s robust and reliable energy supply? Mostly giving lip service and doing nothing where it counts—debating the science and scrutinizing the spending.

Big Climate’s’ 25-year blitz of propaganda on the American people has frightened Republicans from fighting back. The consultant class has convinced many GOP politicians to hedge the issue—not taking on the phony science but expressing platitudes about the environment. Thus, the propaganda on climate science, unrebutted, appears more valid as the years go by to casual news consumers.

That’s a shame, because “climate change” is a scam on many levels. Starting with the term itself, which was adopted by the left when “global warming” was too dangerously specific—and sometimes wrong. “Climate change” is the perfect propaganda phrase because it can never be disproved. All weather, cold or warm, wet or dry, is explainable as “climate change.” The phrase itself is nonsensical gaslighting—the climate has always changed and always will.

On a spiritual level, “climate change” is an affront to the God of the Bible. The Creator made a universe so exquisitely fine-tuned that life can exist on earth only through an endless series of microscopic tolerances that shatter any logic behind a non-intelligent creator. It is absurd to think He forgot to consider that His creation, man, might produce a little extra life-affirming carbon dioxide and screw the whole thing up. “Climate change” is just another in a long line of examples of man believing he controls the universe, not God. That’s why it is disheartening to see so many Christians jump aboard the culture’s bandwagon hype on climate without thinking through how it undermines a bedrock theological precept they claim to believe—God’s sovereignty.

Meanwhile, by not fighting back, the GOP is standing uselessly on the sidelines as climate spending is taking over the federal budget. The most recent GAO report on climate indicated the following federal agencies are spending your tax dollars on climate: Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Interior, Department of State, Department of Transportation, Department of Treasury, Environmental Protection Agency, Millennium Challenge Corporation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Science Foundation, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Peace Corps, Smithsonian Institution, Tennessee Valley Authority, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.

Where were the Republicans when all this was happening? Asleep at the switch. And the same kind of climate spending creep is happening at statehouses throughout America.

It’s a shame because there is a growing list of courageous scientists who have done the heavy lifting to demonstrate the hollowness of climate hysteria. If the Republicans don’t want to educate themselves, these people can teach them the truth. Dr. Judith Curry and many others don’t like what the Big Climate mob is doing to real science. Republicans ought to embrace them, highlight their work before Congress, and become masters of the details regarding the gigantic scam that is being perpetrated.

The climate fight needs to be engaged constantly. No bogus assumption or premise should be left unchallenged. No Republican should ever embrace or use propaganda phrases such as “climate change,” “carbon pollution,” or “carbon credits” again.

This sounds like a daunting David vs. Goliath fight, and in some ways it is. Yet Republicans’ secret weapon is the weakness of Big Climate’s argument. It truly is flimsy and will collapse under even a moderate level of pressure. It’s time to apply that pressure.

Dan Curry is the chief strategy officer for Restoration of America, which publishes Restoration News

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