Ban Ranked-Choice Voting, Save Georgia

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Election Integrity

Georgia Republicans must vote to halt the spread of ranked-choice voting in the Peach State, or risk undermining elections forever

Fourteen conservative election integrity organizations, including the Voter Reference Foundation, are urging Georgia’s Republican-run legislature to support a bill that would ban ranked-choice voting in the Peach State.

“If signed into law, [SB 355] will protect Georgia voters from an overly complicated and confusing system of voting that often prevents the candidate receiving the most votes from being declared the winner,” they said in an open letter on March 22, pointing out that ranked-choice voting:

  • Increases negative ads
  • Discourages voter participation
  • Adds wait time for results
  • Puts a greater strain on election workers
  • Decreases confidence and trust in elections

Restoration News has written extensively on how ranked-choice voting confuses voters and undermines Republican votes in red states. That’s why the Left has pushed the controversial “reform” in Alaska while fighting its adoption in the District of Columbia, where it threatens to damage Democrat control, according to the D.C. Democratic Party.

“Ranked-choice voting is designed to cause confusion and fatigue among voters,” Georgia Lt. Gov. Burt Jones has observed, adding that “this type of voting system [is] pushed by dark money groups.”

Ranked-choice voting is heavily promoted by FairVote, a Maryland leftist group funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations which also aims to abolish the Electoral College and reduce the voting age to 16 in order to boost Democrat turnout.

In Maine, Republican candidates won more votes than Democrats in the 2018 midterm election—yet a Democrat won that congressional race thanks to ranked-choice voting. Ditto in Alaska’s 2022 congressional race, when the ruby-red state elected a Democrat despite Republicans winning more votes statewide.

That’s because RCV confuses voters, leading to thousands of ballots being trashed—8,000 in Maine and 15,000 in Alaska, respectively. Each one represents a disenfranchised voter. FairVote itself brags that its election “reforms” would clinch 2 more Democrat congressional seats in Georgia.

“Georgia’s leaders battled hard to implement laws that protect voters and help restore faith, trust, and confidence in the system,” the letter adds. “The current election system you helped put in place works and serves the people of Georgia well. Why would anyone now potentially allow a new system proven to cause chaos and confusion?

“Proactively stopping this policy in Georgia is a positive move for an election system that people can have confidence in.”

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