BREAKING: 90% of North Carolinians Oppose Illegal Aliens Voting, But NC Dems Won’t Say Where They Stand

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Election Integrity, Open Borders

Polling shows 9 out of 10 North Carolinians support a constitutional amendment ensuring only U.S. citizens may vote, but radical Democrats refuse to support it. Why?

The polls are clear: Fully 89 percent of North Carolina voters—Democrats, Republicans, and independents—want to secure their elections from non-citizen voting by passing a constitutional amendment this November, according to an exclusive poll from Americans for Citizen Voting obtained by Restoration News.

The only thing standing in their way: the open-borders Democrats who want illegal aliens voting for North Carolina’s leaders, including Josh Stein, the Democrats’ nominee for governor this year.

Zero Democrats responded to Restoration News’ request for comment asking if they’ll support the Citizen-Only Voting Amendment that’s almost certain to reach the November ballot in the next two weeks. That includes all 7 North Carolina congressional Democrats and Stein.

The amendment would sew up a loophole allowing non-citizens to cast a ballot in state and local elections, which Democrats in California, Vermont, and D.C. have exploited to register non-citizens in huge numbers.

In other words, these leftists refuse to denounce illegal non-citizen voting—even when Democratic voters agree it needs to be abolished.

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Importing New Voters

North Carolina Democrats choosing to remain silent on citizen-only voting is a dead giveaway, but if you aren’t sold, many of their track records show us that they are in favor of mass immigration and won’t stand against illegal aliens voting in American elections.

In May, North Carolina Democratic Reps. Valerie Foushee, Alma Adams, and Deborah Ross opposed HR 192, legislation intended to repeal a 2022 law unanimously enacted by the Washington, D.C. City Council, which eliminated the requirement of U.S. citizenship for residents to participate in local elections.

Rep. Jeff Jackson declined to vote at all.

Earlier this year, the representatives also voted against the deportation of non-citizens for driving under the influence. Additionally, Adams voted to grant citizenship to illegal aliens, while Ross opposed measures to protect Americans from diseases brought by illegal aliens under Trump’s Title 42 policy.

Five of the 7 representatives voted against the Laken Riley Act (HR 7511), including Rep. Wiley Nickel, who also sponsored a bill to grant illegal aliens citizenship.

The Laken Riley Act, which followed the murder of University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley by a Venezuelan illegal immigrant, would let state attorneys general sue Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for violating non-citizen detention laws. It also urges President Biden to end catch-and-release and reinstate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Only Rep. Don Davis backs Republican-led efforts to stop the Bidenvasion—despite his party’s best efforts—voted in favor of HR 192, in favor of condemning Biden’s border policies, in favor of detaining and deporting illegal aliens that assault cops, and in favor of the Laken Riley Act.

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Red Wave

Citizen-only voting is sweeping the nation and the Left is helpless because they continue to twiddle their thumbs and label it as a conspiracy theory.

In November, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Idaho, Wisconsin, and North Carolina will have citizen-only voting initiatives on the ballot. In 2022, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Colorado passed ballot initiatives by 30-point margins to ensure citizen-only voting.

It’s taking over so fast all the left can do is gaslight Americans into thinking it is all a hoax­—but numbers don’t lie. Census Bureau data indicates that approximately 2.2 million non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 election, according to nonpartisan fact-checking website Just Facts.

In 2020, post-election analysis revealed that President Joe Biden received tens of thousands of votes from noncitizens in 7 battleground states—more than enough to secure victories over former President Donald Trump.

It’s time every state in the union calls on their lawmakers to put America first by placing citizen-only initiatives on the ballot in November.

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