ERIC is Not Neutral, ROA’s Top Researcher Says

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Election Integrity


 Restoration of America’s top researcher is shining a light on a controversial multi-state voter roll collective for sharing confidential voter information with a left-wing group.

Hayden Ludwig, ROA’s director of policy research, made the comments on a recent First Right Podcast with host Doug Truax, pointing out that left-wing media like The Washington Post don’t find this newsworthy.

Hayden’s two-part series “ERIC: The Best Data Money Can’t Buy” reveals how ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) is not holding to its self-proclaimed neutral status and doing what it was designed to do by assisting states in cleaning up their voter rolls.

Instead, ERIC supplies political nonprofits “with some of the best data on where voters live in battleground states and critically where likely Democrats who are not registered to vote live,” Hayden comments.

Specifically, ERIC shared the data with the left-wing group Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR).

ERIC has created a system that forces states to try and register people that are not registered to vote.

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