Swing State Dems Support Illegal Alien Voting in Our Elections

by | May 29, 2024 | Election Integrity

Leftists may pretend otherwise, but they just voted to allow non-citizen voting in our nation’s capital

Democrats love to play nonchalant with non-citizen voting by calling it “rare” and “negligible.” But when Republicans moved to repeal D.C.’s extreme non-citizen voting law—which allows Russian and Chinese embassy staff to vote in local elections—143 House Democrats circled the wagons to protect the insane law.

The bill (H.R. 192) would repeal a law passed unanimously in 2022 by the Washington, D.C. city council that specifically removes U.S. citizenship as a requirement for residents to vote in local elections. Radical activists celebrated the move for allowing illegal aliens to vote in the 2024 election, estimating that 50,000 could ultimately register as voters.

Congress has constitutional oversight over the District of Columbia, setting up a battle to repeal the extreme law that one expert has pointed out would allow an invading army to vote if they held D.C. for 30 days. Ditto foreign embassy staff from hostile countries.

Fully 143 Democrats voted “no” on the repeal—effectively endorsing non-citizen voting. As we’ve reported, the Left is scheming to allow non-citizens, including illegal aliens, to vote everywhere, beginning with Democrat-run cities.

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The Usual Suspects

Arizona’s far-left Rep. Raul Grijalva declined to vote, his m.o. with recent bills to deport illegal aliens who drive drunk, shoplift, or assault cops. But Grijalva’s no moderate; he’s attacked even Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs’ halfhearted decision to send Arizona national guardsmen to the Lukeville crossing in December, a distraction from her history of supporting illegal aliens.

Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore also declined to vote, while Mark Pocan voted “no.” Pocan sponsored a 2018 bill to abolish ICE, while Moore later cheered on far-left protesters for surrounding an ICE building in Milwaukee to stop federal agents from “carry[ing] out enforcement actions.”

3 of Georgia’s 5 Democrat Congressmen voted against repeal—Hank Johnson, David Scott, and Nikema Williams—each of them for open borders. Williams has sponsored legislation to give taxpayer dollars to send illegal alien “dreamers” to college.

6 of Michigan’s 7 Democratic Congressmen vote against repeal, notably socialist “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib (D–Gaza).

In North Carolina, Democrat Reps. Valeria Foshee, Alma Adams, and Deborah Ross voted no, while Jeff Jackson declined to vote at all. They also voted against deporting non-citizens for driving drunk earlier this year. Adams once voted to grant citizenship to illegal aliens, while Ross opposed efforts to protect Americans from illegal alien-brought diseases under Trump’s Title 42.

5 of Pennsylvania’s 9 Democrat Congressmen voted no, with a sixth declining to vote at all: Madeleine Dean, who supports Puerto Rican statehood; Summer Lee, a member of the socialist “Squad”; Mary Gay Scanlon, who brags about protecting “dreamers”; Susan Wild, who called Trump’s border wall “silly”; Christopher Deluzio, who voted against Title 42; and Dwight Evans, who represents the sanctuary city of Philadelphia.

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