Under Frank LaRose, Ohio Leads the Nation in Secure Elections

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Election Integrity

It’s never been more important for Congress to improve election integrity nationwide. Ohio’s Frank LaRose is showing the way.

The future of America’s elections is on a knife’s edge. Under Democrats blue states are bloating voter rolls, gerrymandering maps, expanding vote-by-mail, undermining the Electoral College, stripping political opponents from the 2024 ballot, and even courting the felon vote in a shameless bid to keep power in Washington.

If that wasn’t bad enough, too often “progressives” are aided by wimpy Republicans too feeble or cowardly to halt our republic’s descent into dictatorship. Anyone familiar with ranked-choice voting, for instance, knows it’s the worst way to run elections. Yet the scam only spreads when conservatives fail to unite behind a clear vision for the future.

Thank God that isn’t the case in Ohio, which leads the nation in protecting elections. According to the Voter Reference Foundation, Ohio is number 2 in the U.S. for election data transparency, providing citizen access to voter rolls so watchdogs can ensure they’re clean and accurate. Contrast that with Illinois and even ruby-red Indiana, which make that vital public auditing process next-to-impossible for citizen advocates.

It doesn’t just matter that a state has Republican leadership; it matters who that Republican leader is.

Ohio leaped forward in data transparency with last September’s DATA Act, which was championed by Sec. of State Frank LaRose (R). To date, LaRose has been one of the most fearless heroes in the election integrity movement.

In March, LaRose led Ohio out of the controversial Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a partisan leftist group created to juice Democrat turnout. Anyone familiar with the election fights since 2020 knows that it takes courage to battle against the activist Left, which launched salvo after salvo smearing LaRose for siding with “election-denying extremists.”

That’s a laugh. In reality, ERIC is a tool created by a far-left election lawyer to swell—not improve—our voter rolls and fundamentally transform America’s electorate to suit “progressive” elites. Their ultimate goal: Hand Democrats a permanent majority in Washington. That became even clearer after LaRose and others exposed the scheme, sending the Left into a wild-eyed frenzy.

“I will not accept the status quo as an outcome of the next meeting,” LaRose warned ERIC officials after they refused his push for commonsense reforms to crack down on double-voting and protect voter privacy. And unlike many who talk tough, he meant it.

Since leaving ERIC, Ohio has cleaned nearly 27,000 ineligible or inactive voters from the rolls, improving accuracy without feeding sensitive information tothe Democrats’ get-out-the-vote machine.

That’s on top of the 373,000 registrations cleaned since November 2022. Each one removed ensures that Ohioans’ votes aren’t suppressed or canceled by fraudulent votes.

That includes non-citizens casting ballots illegally, as 4 did in the 2022 midterms. That year, LaRose established a new Public Integrity Division within the secretary of state’s office responsible for investigating these cases of ballot fraud, false registrations, and cybersecurity. Other red states ought to follow suit.

Come the March 19 primary election, Republicans have a clear Senate leader in Frank LaRose, whose opponents talk a big game yet have achieved none of these critical victories for Ohio—vote LaRose.

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