What is GBI Strategies and How Did it Muck Up the 2020 Election?

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Election Integrity

This Tennessee consultancy may have played a role in a major 2020 voter fraud case still developing in Michigan. Here’s what we know.

This is a developing story that will be updated as new facts are uncovered.

Newly revealed documents concerning a police raid of a Biden campaign-aligned consultancy may soon reveal more about voter fraud in the 2020 election—if the FBI doesn’t suppress it first.

According to a special report by Benjamin Wetmore and Patty McMurray, police in Muskegon, Michigan, raided the offices of GBI Strategies October 26, 2020—one week before the 2020 presidential election—on a tip supplied by Muskegon city clerk Ann Meisch and deputy clerk Kimberly Young concerning “highly suspicious and potentially fraudulent” voter registration forms. From the redacted police report:

Meisch’s opinion was based on the fact that numerous forms appeared to have been completed by the same writer and upon initial examination addresses on multiple forms were invalid or non-existent. Meisch investigated further and found that phone numbers on multiple forms were erroneous and signatures on multiple forms didn’t appear to match signatures on file with the [Michigan Secretary of State’s department].

Approximately 8,000–10,000 voter registration forms came from a single mailing address and were dropped off at the city clerk’s office on October 28th by one woman (name redacted) whose employer, the woman told Meisch, “was working to register voters and help registered voters obtain absentee ballots.” Another 2,500 forms were delivered to the clerk’s office on October 20th, the deadline for registering to vote in-person in Michigan.

At least one voter registration form listed a local high school as the registrant’s home address. Others listed addresses that didn’t exist in the Muskegon city house numbering system, according to the officer filing the report.

When police detectives interviewed the unnamed suspect, she told them that:

She was hired in Michigan in August of 2020 and is paid $1,150 per week to find un-registered voters and provide them with a form so they can get registered to vote or obtain their absentee ballot. [She] stated she has worked in different areas of Michigan and is provided a rental car and lodged in local hotels. [She] initially told investigators that ‘canvassers’ are paid for each form that is completed but later stated that they were paid hourly no matter how many forms were turned in. . . [through] a reloadable ‘pay card.’

It probably won’t amaze you to learn that each of the areas the suspect admitted to registering voters in was won by Joe Biden:

They also represent 6 of the 8 counties Hillary Clinton won in Michigan—and 53 percent of her total votes across the state.

According to Wetmore and McMurray, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel asked state and local police to investigate the alleged voter fraud but failed to reveal it to the public. No arrests were made during the October 2020 raid on the suspect’s alleged employer, GBI Strategies—where police uncovered a cache of rifles (complete with optics and suppressors), hundreds of pre-paid cash cards, dozens of burner phones, and voter registration forms. The case was eventually handed to the FBI, which apparently declined to investigate further.

We’ve linked the police report below:

Credit: The Gateway Pundit

The Firm

GBI Strategies was established in 2013 by Gary Gossett Bell and dissolved in 2017 due to inactivity, according to Tennessee Secretary of State business filings. Those reports also list Bell’s private home address in Cordova, Tennessee, as the company’s mailing address. The firm does not appear to be registered in Michigan.

Nor does it appear in Virginia, despite being listed at the address of a private home in Alexandria, Virginia, in numerous Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

Those FEC filings reveal close to $7.1 million in payments to GBI Strategies from various Democratic Party committees between 2014 and 2021, including the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Candidates include:

  • Joe Biden for President: $450,000 for “voter contact and outreach consulting” in 2020
  • Doug Jones for Alabama Senate: $1.5 million for “field [consulting]” services in 2017–2018—Jones narrowly defeated Republican Roy Moore for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat
  • Ethan Pham for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District: $52,000 for “field consulting and [voter] canvasser” services in 2018—Pham only lost to his Republican opponent by 433 votes
  • Keith L.T. Wright for New York’s 8th Congressional District: $25,000 for “canvassing operations” in 2016
  • Lenda Sherrell for Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District (2014)

We’ve also traced payments from the National Education Association (NEA) Action Fund, the lobbying arm of the country’s top teachers union, to GBI Strategies in 2016 to supporting voter canvassing, as well as the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund in 2019. Both are major Democratic get-out-the-vote groups.

Other GBI clients include:

  • People First Future: Trains “progressives” to run for office as Democrats, including Georgia Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock
  • Black Church PAC: Turns out Democratic voters in support of slavery reparations, radical police “reform,” and global warming
  • Iowa Democratic Party
  • Louisiana Democratic Party
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)

At least one student job posting is for a canvasser in the Memphis, Tennessee, area. Responsibilities include “encouraging people to register to vote on the spot by completing a form.”