What’s in NGP VAN’s Secretive Philadelphia Data Agreement?

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Election Integrity

The Left’s top Big Data firm has a cozy arrangement with the biggest city in a key swing state. Are Pennsylvania Republicans paying attention?

Part of a developing series on the Left’s weapon for juicing turnout in the states: NGP VAN.

Newly acquired documents shed more light on how the Left’s leading political data firm, NGP VAN, is boosting Democratic turnout in Pennsylvania.

Restoration News was the first to report on NGP VAN’s data-sharing agreement with Democrat-run Philadelphia, giving the massive political vendor access to information on voters—and eligible-but-unregistered individuals—across the city.

That’s the equivalent of giving valuable voter data directly to the Democratic National Committee. And it’s likely against the law, but we won’t know for certain until legal action is taken.

Philly awarded the contract without competitive bidding to “collect, track, and utilize engagement data” on Philadelphia residents (“engagement” is a euphemism for voter turnout). We now know why: The cost to the city didn’t rise past a small order purchase, giving city officials leeway to sign an agreement with NGP VAN without bidding out the service to other (apolitical) vendors.

This agreement (archived here) dates back to July 19, 2018, nearly a year earlier than we originally reported.

Skeptics might suggest that NGP VAN knew what that cost threshold was and priced its services accordingly. That’s speculation. But we know that the company puts access to invaluable voter data above profit—from the start, its goal was to equip every Democratic campaign and “progressive” advocacy group with top-tier services to win elections.

It’s likely that NGP VAN’s objective here was gaining access to data on Philadelphia residents, not lucre. After all, money comes and goes—but data wins elections.

What Are We Waiting For?

This cannot go unanswered. Republicans must wake up to how the Left has infiltrated our election machinery and fight back—starting with the Pennsylvania GOP. “Progressives” would never stand for a Republican political group gaining access to this information; so why do conservatives let the Left has its way with our elections?

Restoring our republic will mean much, much more than electing the right lawmakers. Americans must rework their elections from top to bottom, removing the filth and taint and corruption that’s accreted over decades of neglect. We failed to be vigilant, and the country is paying the price.