Brave Books is Helping Parents Raise Up Faithful Children to Save America

by | Mar 23, 2024 | First Right Podcast

Brave Books is a brand parents can trust with their children’s imagination.

This week on the First Right Podcast:

First Right host Hayden Ludwig welcomes Brave Books founder Trent Talbot, one of the conservative movement’s premier Christian publishers.

The amount of garbage content that big studios force on our kids is overwhelming, and Brave Books is the answer for parents looking for high quality entertainment.

“Our mission is to be the brand that parents trust with their children’s imagination,” said Talbot. “Our goal is to not only enthrall and captivate their imagination, but also build their character while doing so.”

Brave Books is also committed to fighting the woke anti-Christian agenda sweeping across our country. From creating age-appropriate books and animated shows to taking on the public library system, Brave Books teaches families to live faithfully on the spiritual battlefield.

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“Politics is downstream of culture,” Talbot remarked. “I think that’s where the real battle is played out, in our culture. And that’s a battle worth fighting.”

Parents today are desperate for content that has a positive impact on their children. Brave Books is the solution.

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