Frank Pavone Reveals Future of Pro-Life Movement After Roe v. Wade Victory

by | Jan 20, 2024 | First Right Podcast

This week on the First Right Podcast we speak with pro-life veteran Frank Pavone, to discuss the March for Life and what it will take to counter the evil tactics of the anti-life Left.

Priests for Life national director Frank Pavone joined the First Right Podcast With Nick Givas to discuss the biggest factors behind the fight to end abortion in America after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade reversal. His message: There’s no middle ground when it comes to valuing human life.

“There is no compromise. There’s no negotiating away the right the life,” Pavone said, adding that the evils of abortion are driven by “a hatred for humanity, for Western civilization, [and] for the nuclear family.”

Pavone, who is co-authoring a book with pro-life activist Dr. Alveda King entitled Abortion in Black and White, pointed out that pro-choice talking points only took root because Christian leaders have lacked courage.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle has been church leaders who fall into that trap of fear, cowardice, and the pretense that you can somehow be above the fray,” he explained. “Above the fray politically, above the cultural wars. You can’t be above the fray. Especially when it comes to something as fundamental as life and death. You have got to be in the fray, and you’ve got to be on the right side of it. And you’ve got to fight courageously.”

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