Homeschool to Save America, Says Sam Sorbo

by | Jan 13, 2024 | First Right Podcast

This week on the First Right Podcast we talk with conservative education advocate and actress Sam Sorbo, who encourages parents to explore alternatives to America’s “woke” public school system.

Actress Sam Sorbo slammed radical school administrators and teachers during an appearance on the First Right Podcast this week, saying “Marxists took over teaching colleges years ago,” leaving parents with little choice but to embrace emerging alternatives.

“The only way to save this country is through home education,” she told host Nick Givas. “Keep your children close. Teach them yourself.”

Sorbo is the author of Word for Warriors and works with her husband, fellow actor Kevin Sorbo, to fight back against leftist teachers unions, helping parents shield their students from woke ideology.

“If you keep your children home and you empower them to teach themselves . . . they will be smarter than you, they will be better informed than you, and they will be able to save this nation,” Sorbo said. “Because God knows, the rest of us have been trained to sit down and shut up. And we’re not standing up for our rights.”

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