James Klug on Slaying Censorship, One Mind at a Time

by | Feb 10, 2024 | First Right Podcast

James Klug is not afraid to hit the streets and ask important questions

This week on the First Right Podcast with Nick Givas:

Vlogger James Klug is not afraid to have a tough conversation. His popular YouTube channel features honest political commentary and entertaining public interactions aimed to dismantle mainstream media narratives.

James launched his channel as a platform to educate and get down to political basics with everyday Americans. He speaks with people of all ages and races, even appearing at radical protests to spread truth.

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Gaining popularity didn’t come without censorship and attack. “I have careful about what I say and what platform I’m on,” Klug said. “Conservatives are in a tough spot right now, and we have to figure out creative ways to get the message out without getting banned.”

It’s more important than ever to combat the media’s propaganda campaigns, and James is armed with facts and ready to speak truth. Watch now and get to know the man behind the groundbreaking street interviews.

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