You May Not Be Interested in “Climate Change,” But the Cultists Are Interested In You

by | Feb 24, 2024 | First Right Podcast

“It’s more propaganda than it is actual science”

This week on the First Right Podcast:

Senior investigative researcher Jeff Reynolds combats the cult of climate science with truth.

His latest report, How the Left’s Global Warming Ideology Wrecked Science – And How to Stop It, breaks down the propaganda with science-backed facts on global warming, weather patterns, the carbon dioxide myth, and more.

The first alarming fact is these federally funded “climate studies” don’t match observational data. For example, EPA statistics suggest that 80% of the weather stations across the United States are not showing warming, but are in fact showing cooling throughout the last couple decades. “They had to change the term from global warming to global climate change to make it sound like it was still a valid theory,” Reynolds remarked.

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Reynolds also talks about the most demonized gas in the world: CO2. “Carbon dioxide is unquestionably good for humanity, ” Reynolds said. “It’s good for crops, it’s good for growing food, it’s good for feeding humanity.”

Our media ruthlessly markets the term “climate change” based on data funded and fabricated by our federal government. But when you take a closer look, their arguments are flimsy and will collapse under a moderate level of pressure. It’s time to apply pressure.

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