Wisconsin is Ground Zero for Militant Gender Ideology

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Fixing Education

Wake up, Wisconsin—your kids are on the line

While school districts across the nation are advocating for militant gender ideology (MGI)—a cancer infecting our nation that must be eradicated—the battle to restore parental rights centers on Wisconsin.

In spring 2022, parents filed a complaint against the Superior School District regarding curriculum that was provided to 5th grade students as part of a “Human Growth & Development unit.” The curriculum in question included a controversial video shown to students from a Canadian public broadcast service, which propagates the twisted idea that a baby’s gender is not determined by body parts but by how you “feel inside your body.”

The complaint was first sent to a curriculum committee in the district, which rejected it. The school district administration sustained the decision of the committee and presented the complaint to the district’s board of education for a decision. The board then upheld the committee’s decision, rejecting parents’ complaint.

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In the same school district, 3rd grade curriculum for the 2023–24 school year uses resources from the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Children as young as 8 years old are taught to label the petals on an “identity flower” using characteristics they would discover from reading a book in a suggested list. One of those books—George by Alex Gino—introduces young children to lewd magazines, shows boys discussing what is “between their legs,” depicts boys taking female hormones and having gender surgery, and other harmful MGI ideas.

In 6th grade students are taught about the “gender unicorn,” using resources from a website called “Trans Student Educational Resources”(TSER). This radical group advocates for defunding and abolishing police and they provide links on their website to anti-police organizations like “Rose City Copwatch”—an Antifa-linked organization. The founder of Rose City Copwatch, Kristian Williams, is a self-described anarchist. TSER also displays disgusting messages on social media such as “God [is] 100% Trans” and “not all people who menstruate are women.”

The gender unicorn created by TSER is shown not only in Wisconsin schools, but in school districts from North Carolina to Oregon to promote MGI—and this nonsense is funded with taxpayer dollars.

Grooming as “Education”

In Wisconsin’s Madison Metropolitan School District in 2018, superintendent Jennifer Cheatham distributed a document on transgender guidelines and policies for staff. “We are training all of our student services staff on strategies to support our transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth so they can guide student gender transitions with ease,” Cheatham boasted.

This document further provided instructions to staff to provide a “gender support plan” for students and information was not to be shared with families unless the minor student gave permission. Staff was also informed to not use the terms “girl” or “boy,” but instead to use “girl-bodied” and “boy-bodied.”

Students are permitted to compete in sports based on their gender identity and not biological sex. Even overnight field trips are based on a student’s chosen gender identity—a boy who claims to be a girl may sleep in the same room as a female student. What is most shocking is that the instructions state, “regardless of whether any roommates know about the student’s gender identity, the school has an obligation to maintain the student’s privacy and cannot disclose information about the student’s identity.”

In other words, a boy identifying as a girl could be placed in a room with a girl without her or her parent’s knowledge or permission.

Cheatham may be gone, but her replacement promotes “Coming Out Day” in a video on the district website. The Madison school district seeks to advance MGI by teaching young children about ideas such as the “gender snowperson.” Rather than using the term “sex” in these lessons, teachers are instructed to use the phrase, “pronoun assigned at birth.”

Incorrect data is presented to teachers such as, “we know that around 2% of babies are born intersex”—when the actual number is 0.018 percent. Through the gender snowperson, children are being taught that gender is a spectrum, and it is determined based upon how a person feels. Among the resources on the district website is a link to the anti-police, anarchist organization TSER.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction uses taxpayer dollars to promote MGI by providing “safe space kits” to teachers through GLSEN. These kits provide tools to equip teachers to have intimate discussions about gender and sexuality with children without parent knowledge or consent. Teachers are even encouraged to wear safe space stickers to lure children to them to have these inappropriate conversations.

The nonprofit Center for Child Protection provides advice on how to protect children from sexual predators. It identifies 6 stages of grooming—the method abusers use to form relationships with their victims:

  1. Targeting the Child
  2. Gaining the Child’s and Caregiver’s Trust
  3. Filling a Need
  4. Isolating the Child
  5. Sexualizing the Relationship
  6. Maintaining Control

Schools in Wisconsin are targeting children by encouraging them to talk with school employees about their sexuality and convincing them that those same employees can be trusted to keep their conversations a secret from their parents (isolation). As evidenced in the GLSEN kits and gender snowperson example, these conversations can focus on sexual topics. Finally, the school tries to maintain control by not informing the parents about these conversations. Anyone who desires for an adult to have conversations about sexuality with children without a parent’s knowledge and permission should have their motives questioned.

Corrupt from Top to Bottom

Wisconsin State Superintendent Jill Underly is fighting hard to retain the ability for school employees to continue to have private, life-altering conversations with children—and keep them secret from parents.

One way to stop the MGI madness is Republicans’ new parental rights bill (AB 510) recently introduced in the Wisconsin legislature, which would prohibit the state from “infringing on the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of their children.” If passed, this legislation would protect children from the perceived predatory behavior currently promoted in Wisconsin state and local district policies.

It is the obligation of the community to take a stand against predators seeking to harm children. It’s time to demand a parents’ bill of rights in every state  to protect from the harmful militant gender ideology infesting school districts across the nation.

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Victoria Manning is the vice president of Students First VA and an elected member of the Virginia Beach School Board

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