Dems Demand a National Gun Registry, and Tammy Baldwin Won’t Stop Them

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Gun Control

The Senator from Madison refuses to denounce the unconstitutional, Big Brother policy pushed by the radical Left—because she’s one of them.

Wisconsin will soon be in the sights of leftists pushing for backdoor gun registries in every state, beginning in California. The word from Sen. Tammy Baldwin: Don’t count on me to save your Second Amendment rights.

Baldwin already supports universal background checks—criticized by 2A advocates as a sneaky way to create an illegal and unconstitutional gun registry—and seeks a ban on over 250 everyday firearms wrongly described as “assault weapons.” In the Senate, she’s voted against measures to guarantee Second Amendment rights and vote for tightening restraints on magazine sizes and firearm sales, as well as federal funding to ensure tighter gun control laws in the states under the so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Each is straight out of the California playbook.

Now the next wave of “progressive” gun control ideology, a new system of banking that creates a background gun registry by tracking firearm and ammunition purchases, is catching on.

Baldwin went silent when asked by Restoration News if she would oppose putting lawful gun owners on a list. For concerned gun owners, that simply isn’t good enough.

With the Second Amendment under assault by Joe Biden and his radical Democrats, don’t Wisconsiners deserve to know if their elected officials will stand up for their gun rights?

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Gunning for Your Rights

Congress has ruled that gun registries are unconstitutional, and a recent Supreme Court ruling forced numerus states to remove restrictions on who can carry and where a firearm can be carried, but the next wave of restriction is on the financial level.

Banks, beginning in California, are tracking what residents are spending on firearms and ammunition thanks to a new merchant code that separates firearms and ammunition from the previously used “sporting goods” category.

Merchant codes were created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2003 and are four-digit codes that classify specific goods based on the service they provide. The ISO approved the new code for firearms in 2022.

At the time, legislators and a coalition of Republican attorney generals fought against the code, and many banks decided to pause any efforts to implement the code. Now California is leading the charge in 2024, with other Democrat-run states likely to follow.

Republican lawmakers and Second Amendment advocates believe the new code is a violation of privacy, violates consumer laws, and can be abused to allow a backdoor gun registry.

“The concern out there, and when you’re talking about California, it’s a justifiable one, this is becoming some sort of a backdoor gun registry. And naturally, gun owners are concerned about that,” Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) spokesperson Dave Workman said.

In response, seven states—West Virginia, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, Florida, Montana, and Texas—have blocked the initiative. Other states need to address this concern before it becomes a reality – or risk the Left California-izing their states for good.

Wisconsin residents deserve to know if Sen. Baldwin will allow this backdoor gun registry to be implemented before it’s too late.

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