Leftist Arizona Governor Blocks Second Amendment, Fights Against Campus Carry Legislation

by | May 28, 2024 | Gun Control

Leftist lawmakers in Arizona have blocked concealed carry license holders from exercising their Second Amendment right to carry on campus, leaving student open to active threats if “gun free” signs fail to stop an intruder.

Arizona Republicans are working to restore Second Amendment rights on college campuses by passing legislation that would allow students, faculty, and staff to defend themselves from violent offenders—an initiative that will likely be struck down by leftist governor and serial vetoer Katie Hobbs (D).

The proposed law, SB 1198, would bar any governing board of any university, college, or community college from prohibiting the possession of a concealed weapon by a “concealed weapon permit holder, or the lawful transportation or storage of a firearm,”—an action that would restore the Second Amendment rights of college students across Arizona.

“These are not kids,” said state Sen. Wendy Rogers (R), the primary sponsor of the bill. “These are adults who have been granted a concealed carry permit.” 

Republicans control the Arizona House and Senate, and the bill has made it halfway through the legislature. But it will likely fail, as Gov. Hobbs vetoes any initiative related to restoring Second Amendment rights.

Arizona’s Serial Vetoer Pounces

In May, she vetoed a similar bill (HB 2667) in the Arizona House that would have also barred universities from banning legal concealed carry holders from campus. In April, she vetoed HB 2843, a law that would allow Arizona residents to use deadly force while fending off illegal immigrants trespassing on their land.

She vetoed laws in April that would allow gun owners to carry in more locations (SB 1331) and would strengthen Arizona’s firearm preemption law to prevent localities from prohibiting gun shows (SB 1428).

At every turn, Hobbs is shooting down common-sense reforms that restore the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. Instead, she promotes so-called “assault rifle” bans despite her security using them to keep her safe.

Double standard? Definitely.

If Hobbs is anything like the rest of her leftist cronies, her next move will be to give illegal immigrants the right to bear arms for self-defense while simultaneously stripping the same rights from Americans. It’s not as far outside the realm of possibilities as it sounds. Last month an Illinois judge appointed by former President Barack Obama made that exact decision.

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Leftist Activist Pushback

Red states across America have begun to wake up and restore the Second Amendment rights of college students, but leftist activists continue to fight against these initiatives.

One group, the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus, continually lobbies against Republican efforts to restore the Second Amendment. The group is partially funded by the New Venture Fund, a branch of the far-left Arabella “dark money” group that sponsors leftist talking points across the country.

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus has spent over $50,000 lobbying against campus carry laws in the last four years. They’re currently fighting against campus concealed carry bills in Arizona, Iowa, Kentucky, Wyoming, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

Household name gun control groups like Brady and Everytown for Gun Safety also fight against these constitutional initiatives. Both groups actively lobby and promote legislation that would further strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights.

In the midst of all the “gun control” madness, some groups stand up for our rights. The grassroots organization Students for Concealed Carry is actively fighting against Second Amendment infringement on college campuses.

“We believe students, faculty, and members of the community with concealed handgun licenses should have the same right to self-defense on campus that they enjoy virtually everywhere else,” the group states on its website.

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“Gun Violence Prevention”

The Left claims moral superiority when it pushes for “gun violence prevention,” but their methods only target law-abiding Americans with guns—not criminals.

Allowing campus carry not only restores the Second Amendment to citizens across America,  it also provides a necessary buffer to deter active shooters. Instead of a “gun-free” zone welcoming in a threat, lawmakers must allow law-abiding Americans to exercise their rights and act as deterrents for wrongdoers.

After all, the police rarely arrive on site while an active shooter event or other fast-paced event is taking place.

 The FBI reports that most active threat events—including mass shootings—end within five minutes. Yet it takes law enforcement between five and 10 minutes (at best) to respond to a shooting. Rural schools face an even more dire scenario that could leave them stranded for over 20 minutes waiting for police response. 

Honorable, well-trained, law-abiding students and teachers can effectively fill this gap and save lives.

The left has turned into an authoritarian regime that prefers to tell Americans what to do rather than place them in positions that allow them to make the proper decisions. Blocking students from concealed carrying on campus is a violation of the Second Amendment and a further injustice inflicted on Arizona residents by Gov. Hobbs.

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