POLL: Georgia Voters Overwhelmingly Want State AG to Investigate Fani Willis for Perjury

by | May 13, 2024 | Law and Fair Courts

The people have spoken on the corrupt witch hunt against former President Donald Trump

Georgia likely voters across all demographics—including Democrats—overwhelmingly want state Attorney General Chris Carr to investigate Fulton County DA Fani Willis for perjury.

Carr, meanwhile, despite calls for the probe and his website pledge to aggressively prosecute public corruption, has declined to publicly comment on whether he’ll fulfill his pledge.

Statewide, there is more than 2-1 support for the investigation. Republicans, Independents and even Democrats by a small margin support the probe. Here is the result of the League of American Workers poll (600 likely voters) conducted May 1-5 by North Star Opinion Research.

58% – Support for investigating  Willis for perjury by state AG

25% – Don’t support Willis probe by state AG

17% – Don’t know or not sure

Republicans support the investigation by a 75% to 11% margin, Independents 56% to 23%, and Democrats 45% to 40%, the poll indicates.

Other demographics buttress the strong support for the investigation. Whites in Georgia support the probe, 68% to 17%, blacks 42% to 40%, and Hispanics 68% to 3%. Men support it 64% to 24%, and women 53% to 25%.

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The specter of perjury arose in hearings earlier this year in the politicized Fulton County RICO prosecution of former President Donald Trump and others. One of the defendants alleged Willis and Special Assistant DA Wade were having an affair and thus had conflicts of interest.

Willis’ and Wade’s sworn testimony in those hearings were strongly contradicted by witnesses and other evidence. Although Judge Scott McAfee declined to throw both off the case (he said one had to go and Wade eventually withdrew), he said “an odor of mendacity” remains present. McAfee’s ruling has now been accepted on appeal by the Georgia Court of Appeals, which could delay the underlying Willis prosecution from being heard anytime soon.

Carr hasn’t explained his apparent decision to decline investigating. He proclaims on his website that he won’t hesitate to investigate public officials when they violate the public trust.

Chris takes seriously his oath of office and believes that he and all public officials must maintain high standards to keep the public’s trust. In cases where public officials fail to uphold the law or the highest ethical standards, Chris has not hesitated to prosecute them, regardless of their position or political party.

Other commentators have urged Carr to get involved, including conservative lawyer Will Chamberlain.

The Georgia state senate is conducting its own investigation of the matter. Willis has defiantly stated she won’t cooperate with the probe. State senators say they may try to force her testimony via subpoena.

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