Dear GOP: The Politically Motivated Trump Trials Are A Golden Opportunity You Cannot Miss

by | May 24, 2024 | Lawfare

It’s about time Republicans publicly pushed back on out-of-control leftist lawfare in the Trump trials and stood for our founding principles

It’s challenging to keep track of the clown show that is the Left’s lawfare trials against former President Donald J. Trump. Still, as they continue to lurch on like a rabid tabloid creature come to life, it is heartening to see some GOP members of Congress and other conservative leaders embracing the opportunity to speak out. Not only are they speaking out for the unconstitutionally gagged Citizen Trump, but they are also standing in opposition to the Left’s misuse of the legal system. For the good of the republic, the American people need to see much more of this vigorous pushback and vocal support from the oft-times splintered Republican Party.

This pushback is not only a politically astute move for Trump and his presidential campaign, but it furthermore provides much-needed public exposure of the Left’s destruction of our founding principles.

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The Republican Surrogates Speak Out Against the Trump Trials

Acting as Trump surrogates, these Republicans said what Trump legally could not under the confines of the onerous gag order imposed by Democratic Party donor and Judge Juan Merchan. The surrogates included notable Republicans such as Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good (R-VA), North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, and Reps. Cory Mills (R-FL), Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Mike Waltz (R-FL), Eli Crane (R-AZ), Andy Ogles (R-TN), and Ralph Norman (R-SC); Sens. J.D. Vance (R-OH), and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL); Trump’s adult children Don Jr., Eric, and Lara; author Mark Levin; and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

On the steps of the New York courthouse, a “disgusted” Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, said the Left’s political persecution of Trump is damaging not only a former U.S. president but our “entire system of justice overall.” The Left is not fooling anyone. Americans understand these trials are politically motivated. Nonetheless, the Left’s unprecedented use of lawfare is detrimental to our Republic, causing many Americans to lose “faith in our country, in our institutions, [and] in our system of justice.”

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) reminded listeners that, like all other members of Congress, he “swore an oath to protect the United States and the United States Constitution.” Donalds said that the oath is the reason “members of Congress and others involved in our politics . . . have a responsibility to stand in opposition” to the Left’s lawfare and abuse of power.

“Where’s the crime?” Donalds asked regarding Trump’s indictment.

It’s pretty clear Trump did not commit a crime, which is why the prosecutors declined the case in the first place. The only true crime in the Trump trials is what the Left is doing, “prosecuting their political rival right in the middle of a presidential election,” said Donalds. Meanwhile, issues important to most Americans, such as the struggling economy, ongoing inflation, and out-of-control illegal immigration, are not being genuinely addressed by Biden and his administration. Instead, “they want to go after Donald Trump . . . this is a travesty of justice.”

It’s also clearly a distraction tactic, as well as election interference.

The fiery former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called Trump’s New York trial “a sham.” He likened the brazen acts of leftist lawfare to what happens not in the United States of America but in “a third-rate banana republic.” He added that if this trial happened in another country, “we would be laughing at them as a sham democracy.” Sadly, this political persecution through the courts is all too real and happening in our democratic republic. It needs to stop.

There to support his longtime friend, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R) said that it does not matter if Americans like Trump or if “you’re a Democrat or don’t care about politics” at all, because the Left’s lawfare “is a threat to American democracy.” Instead of trying to persuade voters and win at the ballot box, “Joe Biden’s entire strategy is to try to distract from inflation at home and war overseas with this sham trial.”

Trump Trials Are Deliberate Distraction

Tuberville is dead on. As long as candidate Trump is in the courtroom, he has less time to campaign. And let’s not overlook what draining Trump’s bank accounts and other assets does to the reach of his campaign, let alone the massive amount of taxpayer money the state of New York is wasting putting on this political circus.

By any practical measure, the Democrats and their operatives are engaged in election interference. “I just want to live in a reasonable country where we try to persuade voters in our politics. We don’t try to throw our political opponents in jail. This is a disgrace.” It certainly is, Coach.

Constitutional lawyer and conservative pundit Mark Levin posited on Twitter/X that the New York trial contains “no crime, state or federal, with which to link Donald Trump or anyone else.” In fact, Levin said, “This is a case looking for a legal basis. There is none.”

Indeed, even after several weeks, the prosecution failed to define precisely which crime Trump had committed. They continue floundering in the dark, searching for a crime that fits the incarceration punishment they so desperately want to mete out in time for the 2024 election. Keeping candidate Trump silenced and off the campaign trail is the Left’s primary strategy, not persuading voters that four more years of failed Biden policies is what America needs.

Outspoken Trump surrogate Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) not only spoke from the courthouse steps but also posted daily on social media and appeared on MSM. In a Newsweek op-ed, Vance detailed why the New York Trump trial is a partisan Democratic Party “witch hunt.”

“The Democrats cannot talk about Biden’s failed record, “so what they’re doing is putting these trials out there” so Americans will focus on the spectacle of the Trump trials, “not on the fact that the world is on fire” in Ukraine and the Middle East. The Left is desperate to distract Americans from the fact that they have “gotten poor under the presidency of Joe Biden,” Vance told Fox News.

Last but certainly not least, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) recently brought her Trump surrogacy to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing. Decorum breaches aside, Taylor Greene effectively exposed the Left’s rabid TDS and their weaponization of the DOJ against the Right. “The Democrat DOJ is weaponized against us,” she said. “They want to put President Trump in jail for the rest of his life, which is a death sentence!”

The Predictable MSM Spin

Even though a few mainstream media outlets were on the courthouse steps to cover the surrogates’ statements, unsurprisingly, few bothered to cover them in depth or honestly.

Predictably, the leftist spin of the surrogates’ efforts began almost immediately. Some on the Left scoffed at the statements and the surrogates as a pseudo-audition for Trump’s vice presidential slot, while others parroted the same tired leftist talking points meant to bolster Biden and further denigrate Trump and his supporters. CNN disingenuously framed the GOP surrogates’ messages as contrived and a retelling of Trump’s Truth Social posts while simultaneously not addressing the genuine facts brought up by the surrogates.

And like the RINO he is, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) told Politico he thought the Republicans were “demeaning” themselves to support Trump, who has “an allegation of paying a porn star.” Romney, who scrunched up his nose as if there was a bad smell in the room besides his own party disloyalty, said it was beneath “decorum” for the surrogates to “prostrate themselves in front of the public” for Trump’s sake.

Sen. Sanctimonious, please give us a significant break for heaven’s sake.

NBC news analyst Katy Tur went so far as to claim some of the Trump surrogates of witness intimidation. “You get the idea that Donald Trump bringing this crowd with him is not just a show of force for the cameras outside,” Tur(D) said. “But it’s a show of force for the witness inside and potentially even the jury.” Apparently, the Left thinks just being in a courtroom and looking at a jury and the witnesses is “mean girl” intimidation. Pathetic. We see your spin, Katy.

Trump Is Us

Like it or not, Trump is us. The Marxist Left hates us just as much as they hate Trump because he stands between them, the realization of their Marxist dreams, and us. After all, if the Left is emboldened to openly prosecute a former president and current GOP presidential candidate for dubious, contrived, and likely nonexistent crimes, why would they not do the same to you or me? The persecution of Trump is also persecution of each of us on the Right. It’s meant to have a chilling effect and keep us from speaking out and pushing back. The time, however, for polite silence and partisan bickering is well passed.

The GOP must grab this golden opportunity to make the Trump trials into something more significant than paperwork and porn stars. Ultimately, this isn’t a fight between Red and Blue or Democrats and MAGA Republicans. No, this is a battle between U.S. Constitutionalism and Cultural Marxism – at stake is the very survival of the republic. The daily opportunity these trials give the Right to expose the Left and pound on Biden’s terrible-horrible-no-good record of the last three and a half years is something the GOP should not squander.

While the GOP does not always get things right, we should praise and support it when it does. Standing up for and protecting our republic and its founding principles guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is a fight worth having.

It should not be a one-time photo op or a political litmus test for a vice presidency. The Left will not stop—we know this—and the GOP must not stop. We must use these trials and continue to make public statements every single day of every single Trump trial, exposing the Left’s lawfare and election interference. We must make the case to the American People that four more years of Biden’s lawfare, corruption, and failed policies are the last things Americans need – and stop the further destruction of our founding principles.

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Gwendolyn Sims is a Constitutional Conservative and freelance writer who lives amongst the Southern California leftists. She dreams of escaping to Real America where life still makes a modicum of sense.

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