America’s Southern Border Invasion is an Invitation to Islamic Terrorists

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Open Borders

Fresh off their October murder spree in Israel, Iran-aligned terrorists are looking for an opportunity to attack the American homeland, and they now have a wide-open door through our southern border to do it. All thanks to Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies which have opened the floodgates to millions of illegal aliens and deadly fentanyl.

It’s a recipe that could prove more disastrous than 9/11. For years, the Biden administration has ignored the southern border crisis, causing it to spill over into the rest of the country. This neglect has created a perfect storm of crime, murder, human trafficking, toxic fentanyl, and set the stage for major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

Terrorism has been a high priority since 2001, but given recent fighting in the Middle East, America’s lack of vigilance is creating a deadly sense of déjà vu that could wind up costing countless lives.

Spinning Out of Control

Four Iranians considered to be terrorist threats were caught at the southern border earlier this month, along with several others who hail from “hostile nations,” tied to the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas. Two men from Lebanon—home to the Iran-aligned radical group Hezbollah—were also apprehended near Eagle Pass in Texas.

This news came following deadly attacks launched by Tehran-backed terror groups against Israelis, resulting in the death of women, children, and civilians.

Iran, a breeding ground for radical Islamists, has been identified as “broadly complicit” in these attacks. They’ve backed Palestinian militants and said any further escalation is “inevitable.” The question is: How many terrorists were able to slip through the southern border by joining a mass migration of illegal aliens?

Even the biased FBI admitted the U.S. should be on high alert for terrorists sneaking into the country. The Department of Homeland Security also sounded the alarm about the “growing number” of people on the terrorist watchlist who are being encountered at border crossings.

The number of terror watchlist suspects stopped at the U.S. border has skyrocketed for fiscal year 2023. Customs and Border Patrol data shows there have been a total of 736 encounters in that timeframe. The trend is rapidly rising, as there were only 199 terrorist suspects stopped at the border in 2020, 173 in 2021, and 478 in 2022.

The Biden administration also announced that over 2 million illegal border crossers have been arrested this year alone, for attempting to sneak into the United States through Mexico and Canada.

The crisis has even inspired Democrats to start speaking out. New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the region has become overrun and began desperately pleading with the federal government to fix it. Despite getting a taste of what border states must live with, Adams presented tone-deaf solutions that will do nothing to discourage the current invasion.

He proposed using space inside the city’s overflowing shelters, converting churches into living spaces, and suggested paying city residents to house illegal immigrants. Thousands of aliens are already living in hotels free of charge, on the taxpayers’ dime.

Republicans are pushing back as well. The “Northern Border Alliance Task Force,” formed by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, mirrors Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s enforcement pact with neighboring southern states.

“The Task Force will conduct patrols along the northern border to: reduce the instance of crimes and illicit activity; respond to all threats, all crimes, all hazards; and collect, share, and act upon criminal intelligence,” Sununu’s press release read. “The Task Force will also cooperate, as needed, with federal law enforcement officers in the enforcement of federal criminal immigration laws.”

Sununu added:

The Federal Government refuses to take action on our Northern Border . . . They cut funding, limited our resources, and have thrown their hands up. Without adequate federal support, the state is stepping up. Encounters with individuals on the terrorist watch list at the Land Border Ports of Entry along the northern border have doubled since 2017. . . In meeting with local law enforcement up north, it is clear we need more targeted resources.

Arizona Left to Drown

States like Texas, New Mexico, California, and others in the southwest region have taken the brunt of America’s illegal immigration crisis. Yet the one being hit the hardest lately is Arizona.

The state’s desert has become one of the deadliest crossing points in the nation. Migrant deaths in the Tucson Border Patrol sector rose more than 167 percent compared to last year. Encounters in that sector also saw a spike of over 160 percent.

Those who make it across alive are released into Arizona cities, as state facilities are now overwhelmed and unable to accept additional aliens.

This reporter visited sectors of the southern border wall and saw various identification cards ripped up and thrown into the sand, drug paraphernalia, and wide-open sectors for thousands to cross. This means anyone can ditch their ID and claim to be someone else. If a dangerous terrorist is not yet in the system, and is freely released into the country, it could give them access to major terrorist targets as they quietly blend in. They could even potentially get an ID card in certain liberal regions of the U.S., under a false name.

One area of Arizona where CBP is currently releasing crossers is Cochise County. Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels released a statement on social media, saying:

Today’s announcement that CBP will begin migrant street releases into Cochise County is just another reflection of the fracture within the [Department of Homeland Security] infrastructure regarding the security of our southern border . . . These releases are a direct result of over-capacity by CBP which is forcing these migrant releases into our communities.

The CBP insists it’s “working according to plan,” in line with “immigration enforcement proceedings consistent with our law,” but the decisions being made at top levels of our government tell a different story.

U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 10,000 migrants in just one week crossing into Tucson back in August. That marked a 1,000 person increase from the week before. Many of them were adult men. Authorities at the Nogales Station claimed to have recovered $83,000 worth of fentanyl pills, six pounds of meth, and three firearms.

The scariest part being that this already shocking data may be massively undercounted, according to Republican Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ). There have been about 675,000 “gotaways” for fiscal year 2022, referring to illegal crossers who evade border patrol but are later identified through other forms of surveillance. Biggs spelled out the dangers posed by such individuals:

Given their evasion of law enforcement, these individuals likely have criminal backgrounds or cartel affiliations that would deem them inadmissible for legal entry or are trafficking illegal drugs, weapons, or people into the country.

Arizona, a red state-turned-purple, is run by radicals. Soros-backed Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) has vetoed several bills aiming to take control of the migrant situation, with no backup plan or explanation.

Hobbs even admitted the state’s policies “can be seen” as being attractive to those who cross the border illegally. One such policy provides $40 million for in-state college tuition assistance to those who were brought into the U.S. illegally as children.

State Democrats also threatened not to vote for the budget, if driver’s licenses weren’t issued to the nearly 200,000 illegal aliens living there. All this, while the Arizona Sheriff’s Association is requesting the state double its funding for crimes related to illegal border crossings.

Elect a Republican President or Face World War III

Despite the best efforts of state leaders, immigration is a federal issue and must be addressed by departments under the authority of the president. Biden has not only opened the door to millions of illegal immigrants, but reached a settlement with the ACLU earlier this month that would prevent family separations for at least eight years. It also would provide temporary legal status and short-term housing for those who’ve broken our nation’s laws.

In addition to the drugs, crime, weapons, trafficking and misery brought on by illegal crossings, Obama and Biden-era policies are a dream come true for a terrorist sleeper cell.

If an attack happens within the U.S. because of this, America will likely join with Israel and single out Iran’s major oil refineries as military targets. This would not only escalate the conflict, but could send oil prices through the roof, while the Biden administration does everything it can to shut down domestic drilling.

As it stands, murderous and violent offenders can already go undetected by joining with a Mexican or Central American convoy. If they know how to speak Spanish, have no identification card, and claim refugee status, they can be released back into the populace within weeks before plotting their next move.

In truth, they are probably already here. Watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Like when the country is distracted by massive inflation, incompetent leadership, and two wars abroad. Add to that a rising rate of Middle Eastern migrants settling into Europe and the U.S.–now you’ve got a powder keg waiting to blow.

Lora Ries, director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at the Heritage Foundation said it best:

The 1.7 million known ‘gotaways,’ those who evaded the Border Patrol because they didn’t want to be fingerprinted because they’re either known or suspected terrorists themselves, convicted aggravated felons, smuggling drugs or some combination thereof. . . when you combine 1.7 million with the 7.4 million CBP has encountered, we have to assume that the sleeper cells of terrorists are here inside the U.S., and Congress needs to wake up and preempt.

The only way to fight back is if states take the White House to court over finishing the border wall, cut funding to “sanctuary cities,” empower state law enforcement and volunteers to police the border, and immediately deport those who are caught until the 2024 election, when our incompetent and far-left leadership can be thrown out of office.

Next November will have major consequences on how the southern border and terror prevention is handled. America must make the right choice, by electing someone who will prevent our backyards from becoming war-torn battlegrounds that—until now—have only existed in our darkest nightmares.

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