As Border Collapses, Rockefeller Group and Obama Flood U.S. With Migrants

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Open Borders

An unholy alliance between Big Business, Big Philanthropy, and the Democratic Party

If you thought Joe Biden’s border crisis couldn’t get any worse, now the Left is scheming to fly tens of thousands of migrants into the United States from Cuba, Venezuela, Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Haiti—and they’re coming to a community near you.

Miles 4 Migrants is a nonprofit that aims to raise millions of dollars to purchase flights for a legion of refugees from poor, war-torn, communist countries. That campaign is backed by American Express Global Business Travel and the leftist group Welcome.US, whose board includes former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush as well as Hillary Clinton.

Welcome.US brags that it’s helped relocate 500,000 refugees to the U.S. in the past two years alone, including tens of thousands from Afghanistan in the wake of Biden’s disastrous 2021 withdrawal. “Welcome.US is the largest coalition in refugee resettlement history,” the group brags.

What’s not advertised is that Welcome.US is a front for Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), one of the country’s largest “social justice” funders. Like the name suggests, RPA is a spin-off from the Rockefeller Foundation, a top left-wing mega-donor, but focuses on steering billions of dollars to “progressive” causes like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

RPA pulls in 8- and 9-figure grants from the Rockefeller, Gates, Ford, MacArthur, NoVo (Buffett), and Hewlett Foundations to run projects like Welcome.US. But it also funnels that cash to leftist political groups moving the country leftward—moving $1 billion in “dark money” since 2002.

A trickle of this money went to apolitical causes, like universities and hospitals. But RPA’s top recipient is the New Venture Fund, the biggest cog in the largest “dark money” political machine in the world, run by the D.C. consultancy Arabella Advisors. The Arabella network in turn funds everything from radical climate activists, to groups packing the Supreme Court, to lobbying campaigns for D.C. statehood.

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Its second-largest recipient: the Tides Center, a leading incubator of new “progressive” advocacy organizations. Make no mistake, when these mega-funders are involved there’s always a political axe to grind.

An Inside Job

Miles4Migrants is heavily funded by the Shapiro Foundation, whose founder pushes for more refugee resettlement in the U.S. “Biden’s plan to resettle more refugees” from Latin America “will ease the crisis at the border,” Ed Shapiro wrote in 2021.

Hardly. The number of illegal aliens in America—the bulk of them from failed Central American countries—has doubled since Biden took office to over 20 million people. At this rate, some estimate we could be inundated with another 20 million illegal aliens across a second Biden term.

That’s while Biden has aggressively expanded the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. from 15,000 to 125,000. He aims to resettle 50,000 Latin Americans in 2024 alone—an “unprecedented regional allocation,” the White House brags.

Restoration News exposed the Biden administration’s scheme to dump thousands of such refugees from Somalia in rural western Wisconsin with help from the resettlement group World Relief, threatening to swamp unprepared and unadvised local communities. Understandably, Wisconsiners fear being turned into the next Minneapolis, the “terrorist recruitment capital” of the United States per FBI statistics. In April 2023, Minneapolis’ Islamic mayor signed a law allowing public Islamic worship calls 5 times per day, a key part of Sharia law. That isn’t religious freedom; it’s religious conquest.

That may please Big Philanthropy elites, but it’s destroying the country, and Americans know it. A recent poll found that just 7 percent of respondents think the southern border debacle is “not much of a problem.”

Even congressional Democrats are flipping, with 14 House Democrats voting to denounce Biden’s “open borders policies” last month for creating a “national security and public safety crisis along the southwest border.” Shamefully, 187 House Democrats—including Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan (D)—voted against the commonsense resolution.

That’s the benefit of being a “progressive” elite; you never have to live with the consequences of you own disastrous ideas. Don’t count on them to figure that out, either, until you vote ‘em out. Until then, the Left—and their well-heeled donor class—will continue flooding America with illegal aliens and unaccountable refugees, leaving nothing for your children’s future.

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