As Fentanyl Pours Across Southern Border, 1 in 34 Arizonans Face Death from Overdose

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Open Borders

It’s not a border; it’s a sieve

A shocking new study estimates that Arizona leads the country in drug overdose deaths, with 1 in every 34 Arizonans likely to die from fentanyl, opioids, or other narcotics amidst an unprecedented flood of illegal aliens across America’s southern border.

That’s significantly higher than the odds in the border states of California (1 in 40) and Texas (1 in 69), according to data from the research institute JustFacts. It also puts Arizona ahead of the shockingly high national probability of 1 in 39 deaths from overdose. Only New Mexico is worse, at 1 in 27 deaths per person.

In 2021, nearly 107,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. The top culprit: Opioids, including the lethal narcotic fentanyl, a synthetic opioid overwhelmingly manufactured in China, subsidized by the Chinese Communist Party, and smuggled in via the U.S.-Mexico border. Fentanyl, which is 100 times more potent than morphine, is often mixed at lethal levels with heroin or methamphetamine to increase their potency or pressed into pills to look like prescription opioids, killing the unwary.

And the flood of illicit fentanyl is only growing.

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With Friends Like These…

Since 2020, the amount of fentanyl seized by U.S. law enforcement has grown from 4,800 lbs. to 27,000 lbs—a 463 percent increase in three years. So why won’t the Biden administration take this threat seriously? Blame the professional activist corps quietly running things behind the scenes.

Credit: Drug Enforcement Agency

Far-left groups like United We Dream have spent years battling construction of the “racist” U.S.-Mexico border wall. President Biden has happily complied with their demands, vowing on the campaign trail to cease construction on Day One—which he did, terminating all construction contracts the day he took office in 2021.

Killing the border wall was bad enough; but in August Biden quietly ordered U.S. Border Patrol to literally open the floodgates to drug cartel thugs by welding open 114 giant gates in the wall, citing the weather. “Once the rain or flood event is over and the debris and sediment are removed, the gates can be closed and secured,” an agency spokesman told reporters.

The Border Patrol union thinks otherwise. “Those gates should never be open,” countered union president Brandon Judd.

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Even Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D)—who attacked Trump’s border wall while running for office in 2022—is worried. Now Hobbs is demanding $512 million from Uncle Sam for Biden’s “federal border inaction,” specifically his recent closure of the port of entry in Lukeville, Arizona, to stem the tide of illegal aliens.

Arizona Republicans have also criticized the facility’s closure as a ham-fisted “solution” to a Biden-created crisis, pointing out that it will only harm legitimate Arizona businesses and travelers while doing nothing to stop the millions spilling across the border illegally. “It is no secret why the border is overwhelmed,” Arizona Republicans blasted. “Your anti-American open-border policy sent a message to the world: that there will be no consequences for illegal immigration.

“The real solution is simple. Reverse your policy and put a halt to the wide-open door for so-called ‘asylum-seekers.’”

With Regards from the CCP

Amidst the army of illegal aliens crossing into America is a new wave of Chinese entering via Panama’s dangerous Darien Gap, over 24,000 in 2023 alone—a 7,000 percent increase since 2021 and more than in the past ten years combined.

Many are single, military-age men, raising fears that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may infiltrate our open border with spies to sabotage American infrastructure in a future war. One such group of “smartly dressed” young men “with pristine luggage” were photographed on Dec. 5 after illegally crossing into California.

One national security expert told Newsweek that she’s “99% certain that at least a little bit of this is [the] Chinese military infiltrating for reasons harmful to our national security” and intending “to spy and report back” to the People’s Liberation Army. Top U.S. intelligence officials also expect Chinese cyberattacks on the American homeland should the CCP invade Taiwan.

But don’t expect Joe Biden to take responsibility for these manmade disasters. This is the rotten fruit of the professional Left—it’s up to Arizonans to toss ‘em out in 2024.

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