Biden Let Enough Chinese Fentanyl into America to Kill Every American—Just in May

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Open Borders

The most lethal drug in history is flowing practically unchecked across the porous southern border with China’s endorsement

Americans are rightly afraid of nuclear apocalypse, but in 2024 they should be even more afraid of a pain pill spiked with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid flooding towns and cities across the country.

In May 2024 alone, U.S. law enforcement nationwide seized a stunning 1,493 pounds of the stuff, enough to kill 339 million people—virtually all of it manufactured by Mexican drug cartels with the not-so-secret backing of the Chinese Communist Party. How much more made it past police?

Just 2 milligrams, the equivalent of a few grains of salt, is enough to kill. But drug traffickers mix it with other narcotics like heroin and methamphetamines or painkillers like oxycodone and sell it in the black market, making fatal overdose common for everyday people, not just drug abusers. An investigation last month found that TD Bank does little to stop the cartels laundering fentanyl profits through the Canadian bank.

These stories are everywhere. In Lynchburg, Virginia, cops recently busted a 47-person ring trafficking 48,000 fentanyl pills, enough to kill 200,000 people. In rural Montana, tribal leaders are under siege from cartel drug runners using the lightly policed reservations as strongholds. “We are fighting a losing battle. The cartels are winning, the drug dealers are winning,” one leader told Congress.

Calls to poison centers for fentanyl ingestion by kids is up 54 times compared with 2016 levels. In Atlanta, a teen took what he thought was a Xanax pill, and his mother found him dead with the pill still between his lips.

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The Undeclared War

None of this happened by mistake.

China learned in the 1960s how to weaponize opioids to addict and kill American servicemen in the Vietnam War, long before turning to the even deadlier fentanyl in the 2000s as “war by other means.” Now CCP-backed companies supply Mexican drug cartels with chemicals to manufacture fentanyl (called “precursors”) and the pharmaceutical equipment needed to create fake pills, which are mass-smuggled into the United States and sold to unwitting victims.

A recent investigation by the House of Representatives discovered that the CCP directly subsidizes this drug trade with tax rebates, rewards companies that traffic precursors instead of prosecuting them, and even allows precursor manufacturing in its prisons. Even some House Democrats are demanding action… but Joe Biden won’t take it.

Remember, under President Trump the border was sealed and authorities took major steps to mitigate the drug crisis, including pressuring Chinese President Xi Jinping to outlaw fentanyl.

Then Biden took office in 2021 and opened up the border to an unprecedented tide of illegal aliens, drug smugglers, sex slave smugglers, and even terrorists—and your kids are dying as a result.

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