BIDENVASION: 500 Illegal Alien Criminals in March Alone, Including 16 Murderers

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Open Borders

Joe Biden has created illegal alien chaos in America by welcoming child rapists and murderers into the nation, slapping the face of legal immigrants who have followed the laws and waited years to enter the country.

Under Joe Biden, America is rapidly becoming a third-world battlefield.

Restoration News has uncovered a stunning 509 arrests of criminal illegal aliens in March 2024 alone, including 16 murderers. This builds on hundreds of illegal alien crimes we traced in February.

The March Bidenvasion includes heinous sex crimes against children, human trafficking, terrorism, fentanyl smuggling, and joining violent gangs in just one month. Many of these criminals have been deported before, some half-a-dozen times. And these are just the ones we could find through public records—there are certainly many more that aren’t being disclosed by law enforcement in sanctuary cities across America.

The kicker is that many countries such as Venezuela are refusing to take back these criminals, forcing U.S. taxpayers to continue to house, feed and care for them.

It didn’t have to be this way. In 2017, President Trump ordered federal agencies to enforce immigration laws and cracked down on sanctuary cities by withholding federal funds. In contrast, Biden reversed Trump’s order in 2021 and demanded a 100-day pause on the removal of “noncitizens.” Fortunately, a judged blocked the removal pause but ICE deportations in 2021 still fell to record lows thanks to Biden’s open-border policies.

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Illegal Alien Crime By the Numbers

Mar. 1, Antioch TN—A Honduran national was arrested for retaliating against a federal witness related to a trial involving the hyperviolent Salvadoran MS-13 gang. Santos-Recarte allegedly “took the witness by force and at gunpoint and placed him in a truck where they tied his hands together. They allegedly interrogated him for hours about his trial testimony and repeatedly assaulted him before he was able to escape.”

Mar. 1, Joseph City AZ—5 illegal aliens arrested for a train robbery.

Mar. 2, Marysville WA—An illegal alien from Mexico killed a Washington state trooper and has been charged with vehicular homicide. Raul Benitez Santana had previously been convicted of multiple crimes including domestic assault in 2019.

Mar 2, San Antonio TX—3 people arrested on smuggling charges when 12 people from Mexico, including 2 minors, were found in the back of an 18-wheeler.

Mar. 4, Bedford VA—Isauro Garcia Cruz, a 42-year-old illegal alien from Mexico was arrested for kidnapping and sex with a minor. The child is an “unaccompanied minor” from Honduras and a potential trafficking victim. The minor was put into danger by the Department of Health and Human Services when they placed him with a sponsor who is Cruz’s girlfriend.

Mar. 4, Martin County FL—An illegal alien from Guatemala, 26-year-old Juan Jose-Sebastian, was arrested in FL. He was wanted on multiple rape charges in Oregon. Oregon refused to extradite him back to their state.

Mar. 4, El Paso TX—27 illegal aliens arrested from 5 different countries. Arrests were for multiple reasons including human smuggling.

Mar. 4, Lanham MD—An illegal Guatemalan was arrested for being in the country unlawfully. He had previously been charged with multiple sex crimes against children. He was found guilty of second-degree assault and sentenced to 10 years in jail. All but two days of his sentence was suspended. Prince George’s County, MD refused to honor a detention detainer after he was released.

Mar. 4, Buffalo NY—13 illegal aliens from Mexico and Nicaragua were arrested during traffic stops and found to be in the country illegally. They indicated they had come from North Carolina seeking work. Many of them had been previously arrested for failing to report to immigration authorities.

Mar. 5, Trempealeau County WI—Gregorio Leon Choras was arrested for domestic abuse and placed on immigration hold for ICE.

Mar. 5, Casper WY—Osvaldo Acero-Villalpando, 28 was arrested for an immigration hold.

Mar. 5, Polk County FL—21 illegal aliens from Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela were arrested in connection with a large human trafficking/prostitution sting operation called “Operation March Sadness.”

Mar. 5, Saint Theresa NM & Kingsville TX—2 child predators arrested with felony convictions for Sexual Assault/Battery of a Victim 12 years old & Sexual Assault of a Child.

Mar. 5, San Francisco CA—Syed Mohamed Tousif Mohiuddin, a 39-year-old illegal alien from India, was arrested for being unlawfully present. He had previously been arrested over a dozen times for crimes such as stalking, hit and run, battery, robbery and intent to terrorize.

Mar. 5, El Paso TX—Border patrol “arrested a Colombian national who pled guilty to Possessing, Manufacturing, Trafficking of Illegal Firearms and/or Ammunition on two separate occasions and served 68 months in prison in Colombia.”

Mar. 5, Edmond OK—Irwan Setiawan was arrested for possession of child porn and violation of the computer crimes act. He was put on an immigration hold.

Mar. 5, Hyattsville MD—An MS-13 Salvadoran gang member was apprehended by ICE. He had previously been arrested 17 times since 2005 and deported 3 other times.

Mar. 5, Walworth County WI—Luis Aranda was arrested for DUI (his 2nd offense) and placed on ICE hold.

Mar. 6, Walworth County WI—Brayan Anduaga was arrested for strangulation and placed on ICE hold.

Mar. 6, Santa Theresa NM—Border Patrol arrested 2 illegal aliens who had a warrant for homicide in Dallas, TX. Both had previous multiple arrests for unlawful carrying of a weapon, drugs, burglary, and assault.

Mar. 6, El Paso TX—3 illegal aliens from Colombia were arrested. All have violent histories including firearms trafficking, homicide, and kidnapping minors.

Mar. 6, Boston MA—An illegal alien from Italy was deported. Yael Gonzales-Mejia was wanted in Italy for assault and aggravated injury.

Mar. 7—32 illegal aliens arrested across the country who had been convicted of “heinous sexual crimes against innocent people—many of whom are children.” The aliens were from a variety of different countries including Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Bangladesh.

Mar. 7, Macon GA—Illegal alien from Venezuela charged with possessing a fraudulent green card.

Mar. 7, Brown County WI—Jose Hernandez-Pineda arrested for possession of cocaine and narcotics, placed on immigration hold for ICE.

Mar. 8, Brown County WI—Jorge Martinez-Rivera arrested for possessing and manufacturing amphetamines and placed on immigration hold for ICE #089-281295.

Mar. 9, Brown County WI—Alejandro Rodriguez arrested for possession of meth, resisting an officer, contempt of court and placed on immigration hold for ICE #099-574-884.

Mar. 9, El Paso TX—Basel Bassel Ebbadi, a terrorist member of Hezbollah was arrested attempting to enter the country illegally. His plans included making a bomb and to go to NY.

Mar. 9–10, AZ & TX—Border patrol arrested 5 child sex offenders with criminal histories that include sexual assault of a minor & aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Mar. 10, Scottsdale AZ—3 Chilean nationals using a tourist visa were arrested for a string of home invasions. 1 of the men was officially in the country illegal because his visa had expired. The police chief indicated that Chileans are “hundreds if not thousands [of Chileans] coming in through the visa waiver program that are committing residential burglaries.”

Mar. 11, Juneau WI—ICE arrested an illegal alien for involvement in a drive by shooting. Adelvis Rodriguez-Carmona, is an alleged member of a Venezuelan transnational street gang. Venezuela is refusing to take him back.

Mar. 11, Montgomery County MD—Police arrested Ervin Jeovany Alfaro Lopez, 33, on charges of rape, sex abuse of a minor and 2 counts of third degree sex offense. He is an illegal alien from El Salvador who had been deported twice before. He was working as a church teacher. This monster would allegedly touch the children when their eyes were closed for prayer.

Mar. 11, El Paso & Big Bend TX—Border patrol arrested 3 gang members attempting to enter the country illegally.

Mar. 11, Salt Lake City UT—21-year-old Israel Levi Gonzalez Gomez was arrested and faces one count of first-degree murder, two alternative counts of reckless child abuse homicide, and child abuse, court records show. He is reportedly from Mexico and has been placed on an immigration hold.

Mar. 11, Eure NC—After a standoff with police, Awet Hagos was arrested and determined to be a potential terrorist from near Yemen, also having lived in Haiti.

Mar. 11-22, Nationwide—ICE arrested 216 illegal aliens from 30 different countries for drug trafficking (hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl).

Mar. 12, Laredo TX—Border patrol arrested 28 illegal aliens in a human smuggling attempt.

Mar. 12, O’Fallon MO—illegal alien arrested for stabbing 2 people in a laundromat.

Mar. 12, Trempealeau County WI—Gavdencio Ortiz was arrested for 1st degree sexual assault of a child and placed on ICE hold.

Mar. 12, Buffalo NY—4 illegal aliens were arrested attempting to enter the country illegally. 3 were from India and the other from the Dominican Republic.

Mar. 13, North Platte NE—An illegal alien from Honduras was arrested. He is wanted in Honduras for homicide.

Mar. 13, El Paso TX—Border patrol arrested a Columbian with a criminal record for homicide, use of minors to commit crimes, firearms trafficking, & being a prison fugitive in Colombia.

Mar. 13, Casa Grande AZ—Border patrol arrested a Mexican national with a warrant for Homicide-Manslaughter. He was also guiding 6 people into the U.S. illegally.

Mar. 13, Uvalde TX—An illegal alien child predator was arrested. He is from Ecuador.

Mar. 14, Palm Beach County FL—3 illegal aliens from Guatemala were arrested for kidnapping and sexual battery. One of the aliens had been previously charged with driving without a license but the state attorney abandoned the charges.

Mar. 14, Rockland MA—Cory Alvarez, 26, an immigrant from Haiti (status unknown) charged with raping a 15-year-old child at a migrant shelter.

Mar. 14, Framingham MA—ICE arrested an illegal alien from Brazil who is wanted in Brazil for rape.

Mar. 14, El Paso TX—Border patrol arrested a Columbian man for attempting to enter the country illegally. He had tattoos indicating gang membership and pictures of people being tortured were found on his phone. 

Mar. 14, San Antonio TX—An illegal alien from Venezuala and wanted in Colombia for trafficking, homicide, and extortion was arrested.

Mar. 15, New York NY—Maria Oliva Guaman, an illegal alien from Ecuador, was arrested by ICE for removal proceedings. She had previously been convicted of strangling her newborn baby and throwing him in a dumpster.

Mar. 15, Miami Beach FL—Dario Ezequiel Oest arrested for threatening a neighbor with a knife. He was also placed on an immigration hold.

Mar. 17, Alpine TX—Illegal alien arrested with a history of false imprisonment and aggravated battery.

Mar. 18, New York NY—Illegal alien from Columbia arrested for possession and intent to distribute heroin.

Mar. 19, Newark NJ—Illegal alien arrested and being deported back to Brazil. He is wanted there for murder.

Mar. 20, TX & AZ—Border patrol arrested 5 illegal alien child sex predators with prior felony convictions for assaulting a child under 13.

Mar. 20, Sunland NM—6 illegal aliens were arrested by border patrol when they attempted to gain access to a middle school.

Mar. 20, New York NY—An illegal alien from Columbia was arrested. He had previously been removed from the country and is a suspected member of a transnational gang.

Mar. 20, Walworth County WI—Jose Castaneda arrested for drug trafficking and obstructing an officer. Placed on ICE hold.

Mar. 21, El Paso TX—2 Venezuelans arrested for alleged human smuggling.

Mar. 21, El Paso TX—57 illegal aliens were arrested for participation in a riot when they cut through border razor wire and stormed Texas Guard troops.

Mar. 21, Saugus MA—ICE arrested an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic for fentanyl trafficking. He had previously been arrested for strangulation and assault and battery. He is also wanted in his home country for murder.

Mar. 22, Fond Du Lac WI—Fermin Teodoro Lopez-Mendoza, an illegal alien was charged with first degree intentional homicide after he stabbed a woman multiple times with a steak knife.

Mar. 22, Philadelphia PA—ICE removed a citizen of El Salvador, Angel Anibal Alvarado Benitez, wanted there for his role in death squad killings.

Mar. 22, Union NY—Miguel Martinez, reportedly seeking asylum was arrested on charges of burglary and will be handed over to ICE for deportation.

Mar. 22, Kent County MI—Police arrested Brandon Ortiz-Vite, a 25-year-old illegal alien from Mexico who had been previously deported. He has been charged with homicide, carjacking, felony firearm, illegally carrying a concealed weapon, operating while intoxicated, and driving on a suspended or revoked license. He is accused of shooting a woman and leaving her body on a roadway.

Mar. 25, Las Cruces NM—10 illegal aliens arrested at a stash house, including 1 gang member.

Mar. 26, El Paso TX—Illegal alien from Venezuela was arrested with a warrant from Fort Worth, TX for theft of a firearm and tampering with evidence.

Mar. 26, Ysleta TX—Honduran man arrested for a 2013 child rape in Honduras.

Mar. 27, Indianapolis IN—Illegal alien from Mexico was sentenced to 28 months in prison for possession of a firearm by an illegal alien and using it to commit domestic violence.

Mar. 27, Deming NM—An illegal alien from Mexico who is an aggravated felon with a prior conviction of murder was arrested by border patrol.

Mar. 27, New York NY—8 illegal aliens from Venezuela were arrested after they were found squatting in an apartment. Weapons and cocaine were found and 2 of the men had criminal records including attempted murder. Even though Bronx prosecutors asked for bail to be set, a judge let them all go.

Mar. 28, Lynn MA—An illegal alien from Guatemala was arrested for numerous crimes including assault and battery, strangulation, and sex crimes against a minor. 4 others from El Salvador, Venezuela, and Brazil were arrested in a sting operation for child rape and one was an MS-13 gang member. Local authorities, due to sanctuary policies, let these monsters go and ICE had to hunt them down to arrest them.

Mar. 29, Gahanna OH—Tik-Tok influencer Leonel Moreno who bragged about getting handouts in America and telling other illegals how to “squat” in American homes was arrested by ICE. He was in America illegally from Venezuela.

Mar. 31, Twenty-Nine Palms CA—A Chinese illegal alien was arrested when he drove onto a Marine Corps base.

Vote to Stop the Madness

America has always been a refuge for people around the world seeking a better life. A visit to Ellis Island is a reminder of how this nation has always welcomed immigrants to our shores but there was a clear process for legal entry. A fee was required to be paid, and paperwork began before the immigrants embarked in their home country. Once arriving at Ellis Island, paperwork was verified, and medical checks were performed. People weren’t violating laws and storming the border, and they weren’t expecting handouts.

Ellis Island processed 12 million immigrants over a span of 62 years and Joe Biden has permitted over 7 million in just over 3 years, not including those entering undetected. One of the requirements for entry at Ellis Island was that an immigrant would not be a “public charge,” meaning they would not be a burden on the country.

Now foreigners are invading the nation and they’ve certainly become a public charge, receiving handouts from the pockets of taxpayers. Not only are illegal aliens a financial burden on towns and cities—they are committing heinous crimes—raping children and killing Americans.

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