BREAKING: Biden Admin to Flood Rural Wisconsin with Hundreds of Somali Refugees

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Open Borders

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information comes to light.

Residents of rural Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, are in uproar over a secret Biden administration plan to relocate hundreds of Somali refugees into their communities with no approval from local elected officials.

Federal law requires government officials overseeing refugee relocation to “consult regularly . . . with state and local governments” before placing refugees in localities. Yet the liberal resettlement NGO World Relief plans to move 75 Somalis to a new office in Eau Claire County in 2024 without consulting any local elected official.

Sources in the county told Restoration News that the group met with the Eau Claire city manager—a bureaucrat appointed by the city council—and a handful of employers and church officials who are most likely to support the move.

No representative of the city council, county council, fire and county police departments, or local schools was contacted before the plan was confirmed—all of whom will be affected by the massive influx of migrants to follow after the first 75 arrive.

But that’s only the start. Under the federal “family reunification” policy refugees may bring both close and extended family members—cousins and grandparents—into the country, potentially ballooning the 75 refugees into “hundreds or thousands” in coming years, according to Susan Tully, a senior field representative for the conservative Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

“Somalians began resettling in Minnesota around 2001. Today there are nearly 90,000 in the state,” Tully told Restoration News.

While the United Nations claims to have vetted them, there’s no legitimate government in war-torn Somalia to do full background checks on these refugees, she pointed out. “That also means that, if any commit crimes, we cannot deport them.”

Eau Claire is less than 100 miles from Minneapolis, home to the largest Somali population outside of Somalia itself, thanks to our expansive refugee policy—making it the “terrorist recruitment capital” of the United States, according to FBI statistics.

Minneapolis is represented by the Mogadishu-born Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), one of the most radical and anti-Semitic members of Congress. Somalia is more than 90 percent Sunni Muslim. Omar, a practicing Muslim, is an apologist for the Palestinian terror group Hamas who’s equated the United States and Israel to the Taliban.

Last week, she raged over Biden’s support for Israel following the terror group’s unprovoked slaughter of over 1,300 women, children, and unarmed civilians.

The 1980 Refugee Act was originally intended to extend foreign aid to war-torn nations of interest to the United States without swamping small communities and overrunning local budgets. In the decades since, however, the burden for paying for these refugees has shifted from promised federal funding to state and local governments—creating an unfunded mandate.

“This is taxation without representation,” said Ron Branstner, an expert on refugee policy who educates residents in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and surrounding states targeted for mass resettlement drives. “No one represents you in this program. It’s illegal, it’s funded with 100 percent taxpayer money, and yet the people have no voice,” he told Restoration News.

Worse, there’s no end in sight. “They can bring in hundreds, thousands, of people and we have no recourse,” Branstner continued. “And these refugees immediately get all the entitlements that any veteran or U.S. citizen does the minute they arrive.”

UPDATE: Frustrated residents of Eau Claire and other Wisconsin communities demonstrated outside a World Relief community Q&A event the evening of Oct. 23:

Bankrolling Open Borders

World Relief is one of 9 nongovernmental organizations—termed “voluntary resettlement agencies” (VOLAGs)—authorized by the federal government to manage the process. The U.S. State Department pays a bounty of $2,425 per individual resettled into the country to cover rent, food, clothing, furnishings, and “cultural orientation.”

In reality, those costs are borne by social services paid for by American taxpayers.

World Relief was responsible for one such disaster in 2017 in, when it was blasted for neglecting to provide basic necessities to refugee families relocated to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. That year, World Relief blamed its decision to close its Nashville office—and the 700-plus refugees it planned to bring in—on the Trump administration, which temporarily suspended the refugee program.

World Relief is funded in part by the left-wing Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Margaret Cargill Foundation, a top donor to far-left environmental causes. In 2022, World Relief posted $125 million in revenues and spent $50 million of it resettling refugees that year alone.

World Relief isn’t a political group, yet it engages in political advocacy on “systemic and structural issues that perpetuate extreme poverty and injustice.” That includes granting U.S. citizenship to 100,000 Afghans resettled in the wake of Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021, many of whom were unvetted and linked to terror groups. World Relief supports the Afghan Adjustment Act, a Democrat-backed bill endorsed by the left-wing National Immigration Forum, itself funded with grants from World Relief.

World Relief also supports Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to grant illegal aliens U.S. citizenship and expand illegal immigration using pseudo-biblical arguments. From the group’s website:

Now, more than ever, your voice and advocacy matter for Dreamers who rely on DACA. Will you be part of bringing lasting change to communities today, tomorrow and for generations to come? 

Contact your representatives today. Support establishing a permanent pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and young immigrants brought to the United States as children. 

America is Waking Up

While Congressional Democrats propose a pipeline for Palestinian refugees fleeing their own government’s attack on Israel, Republicans are pushing to secure America’s borders. Restoration News recently reported on the GAZA Act which would block the Biden administration from issuing visas to those with Palestinian Authority passports, keeping unvetted individuals—and would-be terrorists—from entering the country.

And that’s a very credible threat, with U.S. authorities catching 4 Iranians trying to enter the U.S. over our overrun southern border. A new Customs and Border Patrol memo warns that “foreign terrorist fighters” from Hamas could soon cross the border. The FBI also believes that the threat of terror attacks is rising.

Wisconsiners are waking up to the terrifying reality of life under the Democratic Party and discovering how radical it’s become. Vote ‘em out—your life and home may depend on it.

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