Dems Want Illegal Aliens to Boost Democrat Power. Go Figure

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Open Borders

Gerrymandering to the rescue?

Democratic Rep. Yvette Clarke (NY) faced major backlash this month after suggesting that the ongoing influx of migrants into New York could be advantageous for redistricting—inadvertently pressing the “broadcast all” button on the Democrat Party’s inner monologue.

“And when I hear colleagues talk about the doors of the inn being closed, ‘no room in the inn,’ I’m saying, I need more people in my district, just for redistricting purposes. And those members could clearly fit here,” Clarke said.

Comparing illegal immigrants crossing Biden’s open border to the birth of Christ is ludicrous enough. But the biblical allusion gets one thing right: Mary and Joseph may have been traveling to Bethlehem to be counted in the census, but apparently Democrats want more illegal aliens to boost their census numbers, too.

The comment comes at an unusual redistricting period for New York, as in December the state’s highest court ordered the state’s independent redistricting commission to submit revised congressional maps to the legislature by Feb. 28. If the commission fails to reach a consensus, the decision will be once again given to the Democrat-controlled legislature.

The previous maps signed by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) gave Democrats the upper hand in 22 of 26 districts. A court of appeals struck down the maps and appointed a “special master” redraw the maps.

Republicans were able to win 5 out of 6 competitive races and flipped 4 blue seats. Not good for the Left.

Clarke’s comment goes hand-in-hand with the Biden administration’s goal of using immigrants as a key voter bloc—except she said the quiet part out loud. Why not use the massive flood of illegal immigrants to boost Democrats’ power in the state?

Joe Biden’s disastrous open borders policies are making that possible.

In a 2021 executive order, President Biden made it clear that the federal government should develop “welcoming strategies” that “promote citizenship” and “full participation” in American democracy. While those ideals are not inherently destructive, the Biden administration’s (lack of) handling of the southern border shows that dramatically increasing immigration has always been the plan—both legal and illegal.

There are currently 16.8 million illegal immigrants in the United States as of June 2023, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The group estimates a 16 percent or 2.3 million increase in that figure since Biden took office.

In response, Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty (TN) intends to introduce legislation that will put citizenship questions on the next U.S. Census questionnaire in 2030. The move is intended to stop non-citizens from being counted for redistricting.

The legislation, known as the Equal Representation Act, would require a new question to be placed on the decennial census that separated persons into citizen, resident non-citizen, or illegal immigrant.

The legislation would help block “progressive” politicians from finding political gain while everyday Americans suffer.

Eying Political Gain While New York Crumbles

In October 2022, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced a state of emergency due to a record number of illegal immigrants. Since spring 2022, more than 150,000 illegal immigrants have flooded the streets of the city costing New Yorkers an estimated $12 billion to house, feed, and clothe them. The situation has spiraled to such extremes that Adams said Biden has “failed” the city.

“The president and the White House have failed New York City on this issue,” Adams said in April.

As the situation continues to decline, it is appalling to see Rep. Clarke tort her own goals of using illegal immigrants to strengthen her district. The influx of illegal immigrants has caused mayhem in New York as there are fewer and fewer resources to deal with the ongoing problem. In January, Adams even announced that there are ongoing patterns of crime being committed by illegal immigrants.

“Do I believe that there are some migrants who are committing crimes in the city? Yes. Yes,” Adams said during a press conference.

Alongside the financial burden and the increase in crime, New York City residents are beginning to feel the toll on a personal level. Earlier this month, the city decided to start moving migrants from tent shelters to schools, as the homeless shelters are already maxed out.

“People are really concerned,” Brooklyn councilman Ari Kagan said. “I got a lot of phone calls from concerned parents, from community leaders. Nobody, nobody expressed their support for this plan.”

It seems Democrats are split on the decision, as far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–NY) said, “It’s not in my district,” when asked about the relocation. “I don’t anticipate this being a long-term solution. It shouldn’t be a long-term solution,” she continued.

A Never-Ending Cycle Ripe for Abuse

The illegal immigrant crisis in America will spiral further out of control if the border is not secured. While cities across America continue to suffer under the mass influx, lawmakers like Rep. Clarke will continue to use any means necessary to further control.

After all, who’s to say Biden isn’t doing the same thing on a national level? Even a brief glance at his policies would show a similar theme.

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