EXCLUSIVE: He Infiltrated a Nonprofit Transporting Illegal Aliens Through Texas. This Is What He Saw.

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Open Borders

Radical open borders groups masquerading as religious charity organizations are facilitating the invasion by illegal aliens under Joe Biden.

At first glance, Brian Armstrong is not the first person you’d expect to volunteer to go undercover to investigate this Bidenvasion of illegal aliens at America’s southern border. He’s a pretty unassuming guy. A former firefighter and medic, Armstrong has a knack for tracking down information and getting to the point quickly, without attracting a lot of attention. He certainly doesn’t come off as a radical or an activist.

So, when he found himself in a van in Dallas escorting illegal alien “asylum seekers” to the airport, headed for various destinations inside the U.S., he started getting to know them. Armstrong told Restoration News in an exclusive interview, “the experience was valuable because I got to witness it firsthand.”

Preparing to transport illegal aliens. Image via Brian Armstrong.
Preparing to transport illegal aliens. Image via Brian Armstrong.

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“Biden Opened the Faucet, Why Shouldn’t People Come and Drink?”

Instead of starting at the border, Armstrong started in his hometown of Chicago. He retraced the steps of the illegal immigrants that arrived on daily buses from the border. Once he got to Texas, he hung around and took notes.

Armstrong volunteered, on and off, for two months in a progressive church in Dallas, Texas, working with “asylum seekers” who sought shelter, food, medical care, and transportation inside the United States. He did it to see for himself what wasn’t being reported on the nightly news.

Oaklawn United Methodist Church isn’t shy about what they’re doing. Pastor Isabel, who runs the “Migrant Center” for the church, expressed excitement on an Instagram story when the Biden administration ended Title 42, the Trump-era restrictions on immigration during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Screenshot 2024 06 07 at 12 20 03 Migrant Center @oaklawnumc
Image via Instagram: Migrant Center @oaklawnumc

The “Intake Center” put out an online call for volunteers to help transport “migrants” to airports:

Help wanted for volunteers. Image via Brian Armstrong
Help wanted for volunteers. Image via Brian Armstrong

Normally, he said, the news shows us people in various stages of distress while trying to cross the border, or in long caravans marching through South and Central America. By the time they got to the nonprofit center being run by the church, Armstrong said, “they were all in excellent spirits and well-rested, contrary to what we usually hear on the news.” Most were adept at using their cell phones as a translator so they could communicate in English.

Illegal aliens gather at the church. Image via Brian Armstrong
Illegal aliens gather at the church. Image via Brian Armstrong
Illegal aliens at the church. Image via Brian Armstrong
Illegal aliens at the church. Image via Brian Armstrong

Illegal Aliens Not Vetted At the Border

The organizers running the facility knew full well what they were doing. “Nonprofit volunteers are convinced that these people are running from persecution,” Armstrong said, “and are adamant in their claims that various forms of atrocities are taking place in the countries where these people come from. If the staff members at the non-profit would just take the time to read the paperwork that the ‘asylum seekers’ are handing them, the truth would be plain to see.”

The illegal aliens would fill in any answer, knowing how unlikely it was they’d get rejected. “When individuals filled out the form,” he said, “the Border Patrol asked them about their reasons for crossing into the United States. One guy said he sought a better life in Kentucky and wasn’t worried if he got sent home.” That should have been grounds for rejection, which just goes to show they weren’t fully vetted at the border. “The people flying them all over the country were oblivious to it.”

Volunteers know the score, but they don’t know the full implications—or don’t care.

On the way back from the airport to drop off a group of 12 illegal aliens for their flights, a volunteer told Armstrong, “Biden opened the faucet up, so why wouldn’t people come to drink?”

News Outlets Aren’t Telling the Facts

While he was there, Armstrong saw at least two news outlets doing stories on the operations of this nonprofit. After seeing what they published, it became obvious to him they had no intention of telling the full story. “From my perspective,” he said, “it appeared that their primary motivation for being there was either to collect a paycheck or promote their agenda. Many journalists conduct interviews that ultimately result in a narrative devoid of factual information.”

Friendly media interviewing volunteers. Image via Brian Armstrong
Friendly media interviewing volunteers. Image via Brian Armstrong

As he escorted illegal aliens to the airport, he noticed varying responses from the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) officers at security checkpoints. “It was an interesting experience witnessing these foreign nationals go through TSA,” he said. “Some TSA screeners showed little concern, but I could tell that others were unhappy with the situation. The TSA employees saw me as part of the problem because they didn’t know I was undercover, and I had to play the part.”

Even TSA agents showed more concern than some of the nonprofit workers. “It’s unsettling to witness how non-profit workers turn a blind eye to the flaws in the system and are unwilling to accept the need for change,” he said.

Powerless to Stop the Flood

Speaking of the TSA, Armstrong noticed something when he escorted illegal aliens to the airport: the “migrants” could use almost anything for identification to get through the security checkpoints and on the airplane. Many of them used their immigration parole and court hearing notices as IDs.

Paperwork used as ID by illegal aliens. Image via Brian Armstrong
Paperwork used as ID by illegal aliens. Image via Brian Armstrong

And, of course, the nonprofit organizations didn’t care. After all, they collectively rake in billions of dollars in taxpayer money off the Bidenvasion, so they have a steep financial interest in turning a blind eye to U.S. immigration law.

Buying the Left’s Loyalty with Taxpayer Funds

The Free Press reported:

Some of the services NGOs provide are eyebrow-raising. For example, Endeavors uses taxpayer funds to offer migrant children “pet therapy,” “horticulture therapy,” and music therapy. In 2021 alone, Endeavors paid Christy Merrell, a music therapist, $533,000. An internal Endeavors PowerPoint obtained by America First Legal, an outfit founded by former Trump aide Stephen Miller, showed that the nonprofit conducted 1,656 “people-plant interactions” and 287 pet therapy sessions between April 2021 and March 2023. 

The total for the program has skyrocketed under the Biden administration:

The Administration for Children and Families, a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, funds the nonprofits through its Office of Refugee Resettlement, and its budget has swelled over the years— from $1.8 billion in 2018 to $6.3 billion in 2023. The ORR is expected to spend at least $7.3 billion this year—almost all of which will be funneled to NGOs and other contractors.

Armstrong said he worked with several of the largest nonprofits mentioned in the Free Press article. It helped him figure out how the funding network operates. “Basically, those really large organizations like Endeavor provide the money for what let’s call upper level management,” Armstrong said. “The employees on the ground are then recruited and indoctrinated as protesters/volunteers.” The budget for recruiting and training volunteers and activists is virtually limitless. It mirrors the deep organization and endless funding support enjoyed by the pro-Hamas protesters that took over college campuses this spring.

“It’s unbelievably organized,” he said, “and bottom line, they both function the same.”

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