Expose the Monsters in Your Neighborhood with IllegalAlienCrimes.com

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Open Borders

Lock your doors and protect your kids from the flood of criminals into Biden’s borderless America. We’ve created a resource to help you discover the illegal aliens invading your community—and it’s growing every month.

There’s no better proof that Democrats don’t care about everyday Americans than the mountain of crimes committed across the country by illegal aliens invited in by Joe Biden.

Restoration News has traced thousands of foreign criminals—from rapists to terrorists, to drug smugglers and human traffickers—terrorizing American families from coast to coast. Now we’re equipping the American people with a brand-new website to track the Biden-ballooned crime spree—IllegalAlienCrimes.com.

At this ever-growing website, you’ll discover just how bad this unprecedented flood of thugs into our neighborhoods has become under the Biden regime. Check it regularly and stay informed.

Here are just a few examples of the violent and wicked acts committed by criminals crossing the Democrats’ open borders:

illegalaliencrimes georgia screenshot
Georgia inundated with criminals across dozens of counties
  • In small town Bedford, Virginia, an illegal alien from Mexico was arrested for kidnapping and having sex with a minor likely trafficked from Honduras, and exposed to danger by Biden’ inept Department of Health and Human Services, which placed the girl with a predatory sponsor—the rapist’s girlfriend

Monsters Under the Bed

It’s shocking to hear, but in countries like El Salvador, these violent men are not punished for sex crimes. Just 10 percent of all rapes reported in El Salvador resulted in a conviction. Human smugglers and cartels are brutally raping young girls at the border, while Joe Biden—who likes to inappropriately touch little girls—only encourage these monsters to come into our country to harm our children.

This is the human cost of Biden’s open border agenda… and the toll is growing every single day.

Can you afford to grant the radical-left Democrats another 4 years in November?

Visit IllegalAlienCrimes.com here

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