Here’s the Next Bill Tony Evers Will Veto

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Open Borders

Don’t count on the Democrat Governor to halt the refugee flood into Wisconsin

While Democrats are flooding Wisconsin with refugees from war-torn countries, Republicans are pushing back with protections for local communities. Will their proposals survive Democrat Gov. Tony Evers’ veto pen?

Restoration News was the first to report on a new scheme by the Biden administration to relocate hundreds—and eventually thousands—of Somalis to rural Eau Claire County. We pointed out that, while federal law requires government officials to “consult regularly . . . with state and local governments” before placing refugees in their communities, the leftist group overseeing the process—World Relief—planned to do so without informing all local elected officials.

Then in December 2023, things got even worse. Concerned Eau Claire County residents asked World Relief agents about background checks on the refugees and which countries they would come from. The agents’ response: “I don’t know.”

That may be good enough for the Left, but it won’t fly for the Wisconsiners worried their towns will soon look like Minneapolis.

On Jan. 11, Republican State Rep. Karen Hurd (AD 68)—who represents Eau Claire and Chippewa Counties—proposed SB 916, which designates a leader to represent local counties targeted by federal refugee programs. The goal is to involve all city councils, county boards, and school districts which will be affected by incoming refugees.

Rep. Tom Tiffany (R) also supports similar measures.

“We’re not against people. We love people. You know how we are in Wisconsin. We love everybody. I’d give the shirt off my back for anybody, we’re all like that. But we just have to let the local government officials know, that’s all we’re talking about,” Hurd told reporters.

It’s a good start. But don’t count on Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor, Tony Evers, to give the bill anything but his veto. Evers has already demonstrated his staunch opposition to commonsense election integrity bills, openness to slavery reparations, and commitment to radical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies in the classroom.

Either way, Wisconsiners will still be on the hook for housing and assimilating refugee families after the one-time $2,425 federal “bounty” expires. After that, taxpayers will bear the cost.

We know this is part of the Left’s broader campaign to destroy America’s borders. We’ve already documented World Relief’s funding from the Gates Foundation and support for far-left immigration policies.

Republicans need to go further and demand President Biden build the border wall and drastically reduce the number of refugees admitted each year. The country can’t afford not to.

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