Illegal Alien Violent Crime Skyrocketed in North Carolina Under Democrats, Including a Known Terrorist

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Open Borders

Biden endangers North Carolinians by encouraging illegal aliens to flood the state. If that isn’t enough, now terrorists are making their way to the Tar Heel State.

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson (R) sent a letter to Joe Biden demanding answers about an alleged terrorist that was arrested on Mar. 11 in Gates County—located within an hour of the nation’s largest military installations. The man, Awet Hagos, is from an area near Yemen and came to North Carolina illegally after living in Haiti for 6 months.

How many more terrorists are lurking in small towns in North Carolina and just haven’t been discovered yet? Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper has been eerily silent on this matter.

It’s obvious that criminals and potentially terrorists are crossing the border in droves and heading straight for North Carolina. Arrest records in Guilford and New Hanover Counties show hundreds of arrests of non-citizens already this year. Why isn’t Josh Stein, the attorney general and Democrat candidate for governor, speaking up to protect North Carolinians from this invasion? He seems more interested in attacking his political opponents than protecting his state from invaders.

Restoration News uncovered a dozen inmates in the Guilford County jail held on immigration detainers who are violent criminals—charged with crimes such as rape, murder, drug trafficking, assaulting law enforcement, child abuse, burglary, human trafficking, prostitution, and kidnapping.

On Jan. 20th, Refugio Morales was arrested in High Point for murder. Arrest records show he is a citizen of Mexico and has been placed on an immigration detainer.

Last month, Greensboro police arrested Feliciano Hernandez Vasquez for kidnapping, burglary, child abuse, and assault with a firearm after he shot at police. The media failed to report that he was also placed on an immigration detainer.  

Last year, High Point police arrested Yhonkelvin Jose Tolosa-Castillo. He reportedly killed a man and then set a building on fire to destroy the evidence. Arrest records show that Castillo was also placed on an immigration detainer indicating that he may be in the country illegally.

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Democrats Robbing North Carolinians to Pay for Illegal Aliens

Conservatively, a half million illegal aliens live in North Carolina at a cost of at least $3.14 billion—$779 per household. How much more is the burden of taxpayers with increased law enforcement and judicial costs due to these criminals wreaking havoc on the state?

Immigration Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) can’t keep up with deportations since the number of illegals released into the nation have nearly tripled since 2018—and those are just the ones we know about. Joe Biden and his Democrat supporters like Josh Stein continue to entice illegal aliens to cross the border by providing them with costly resources including healthcare, education and other taxpayer funded programs.

The invasion at the border is a national crisis with over $6 million people released into the country last year—and that doesn’t include the ones who crossed undetected.

ICE detention numbers
Source:  Immigration and Customs Enforcement

In an application to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners seeking $150,000, the Department of Health included information about their “Adopt-A-Mom” program that links uninsured “birthing people” to quality prenatal care. They indicate that 86% of their clients are undocumented.

These woke bureaucrats are further enticing illegal aliens to come to their communities with the promise of “free” services at the expense of the taxpayer.

Most of the arrest records in Wilmington and Guilford of non-citizens indicate their employers are unknown or that they are unemployed. For example, 35-year-old Luis Armando-Pineda-Hernandez from El Salvador was arrested for felony assault by strangulation in High Point on March 18th—his occupation is unemployed. Not only are these violent illegal alien criminals harming citizens and burdening law enforcement, they also aren’t contributing to the workforce.

There has been a 28 percent increase in law enforcement costs in Guilford County since 2019, with most of the money funding detention services. Plus, a 35 percent increase in court services costs.

Sheriffs in some North Carolina sanctuary counties refuse to cooperate with ICE. Therefore, criminals are simply released back into the community to strike again. Sheriffs in Orange, Durham, Mecklenburg, Wake, Buncombe, and Forsyth all protect criminal illegal aliens from deportation by ICE.

There are an estimated 58,000 illegal aliens in Mecklenburg County alone. In 2019, an illegal alien from Mexico was arrested for killing someone in a drunk driving crash. He was given a light sentence with time served and the sanctuary Mecklenburg Sheriff Garry McFadden refused to turn him over to ICE for deportation.

North Carolina House Republicans have approved legislation that would require sheriffs to report criminal illegal aliens to ICE. If the bill makes it to the desk of Gov. Roy Cooper—he would certainly veto it as he has done in the past. In a recent North Carolina poll, voters overwhelmingly agreed that immigrants who are in the country illegally should be deported.

North Carolinians need strong leaders—like Mark Robinson—who will protect them from the illegal invasion of their state.

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