Joe Biden’s Collapsing Border Week-By-Week (Venezuela’s Prison-to-America Pipeline?)

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Open Borders

Charting the obliteration of America’s southern border by the radical Left, one disaster at a time

The humanitarian and national security crisis unfolding at our southern border has taken on a scope previously unseen, one that would horrify most Americans if they knew. Meanwhile, the corporate media continue to run interference for the Biden administration, shielding the American news-consuming public from the worst of the images. The Biden administration, for its part, has chosen to highlight fraudulent claims of abuse by border agents on horseback, and fraudulent claims of Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) blocking Border Patrol agents from rescuing drowning women and children.

What has the mainstream media failed to report? White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Homeland Security Secretary Alexander Mayorkas have continued to insist the border is the most secure it’s ever been, and any problems have occurred because Republicans and Donald Trump have blocked funding.

Independent reporters at the border tell a vastly different story. The worst of it includes hundreds of thousands of military-aged males pouring into every corner of the U.S. via the wide-open southern border; an utter disregard for vetting foreigners when processed at ports of entry; the end of Title 42, allowing disease to run rampant among new arrivals; and a complete disregard for federal law and the Constitution requiring the executive branch to protect the states from invasion.

Violent crimes by illegal immigrants have dominated recent headlines

The most prominent example of preventable violent crime happened when a Venezuelan man, affiliated with a violent gang and in the country illegally, brutally murdered Laken Riley, a 22 year old nursing student, on the University of Georgia campus. Needless to say, had he never crossed the border illegally, Riley would still be alive.

Tragically, this is only one of an endless stream of examples of the worst stories that have occurred in America due to Joe Biden’s open border policies.

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Violent Crime That Never Should Have Happened

Kevin Downey, Jr. recently wrote at PJ Media about the violent crimes committed by illegal aliens, and the loathsome responses by some Democratic politicians. He quoted Rep. Robert Garcia (D–CA) who said, “Immigrants actually commit fewer crimes than native-born people here in this country. This immigrant crime narrative is racist. It’s not true.” As Downey notes, that comes as little consolation to the families of the victims. “NONE of these women and young girls would have been raped or murdered if Biden obeyed the law and closed the border.”

It seems to be an international problem, with many European nations allowing unfettered migration as well. Downey reports:

The young spokeswoman for Germany’s far-left youth group Solid was gang-raped by three immigrants but lied and claimed the attackers were German nationals. She even called a cop a “racist” when he asked if the rapists were refugees. The portrayal of the attack is hard to read.

Secret Immigrant Transportation Program Revealed

While America watched the election results in the Super Tuesday primary elections, a bombshell report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) revealed that the Biden administration and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) refuses to disclose details about hundreds of thousands of migrants flown all over the country. The Daily Mail reported, “Use of a cell phone app has allowed for the near undetected arrival by air of 320,000 aliens with no legal rights to enter the United States.”

The Biden administration expanded the app, CBP One, to enable hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to travel to at least 43 different American airports in 2023. The expansion allowed illegal immigrants to apply for asylum using the app from their home countries, and then apply for travel authorization and “temporary” humanitarian release for up to two years. Then, without legal status determination, they can become eligible for work authorization.

The full report, by Todd Bensman of CIS, reveals the shocking details of the security vulnerabilities created by this secretive immigrant transportation program.

Illegal Immigration Lowers Violent Crime Rates—In Venezuela

As Venezuelan immigrants flood across America’s borders illegally, often committing violent crimes after arriving, a funny thing has happened back home: the violent crime rate in Venezuela has plummeted.

This may have something to do with Venezuelan President Maduro granting early release to many violent criminals in their prison system. According to a 2022 report by Breitbart, freed prisoners made up much of the migrant caravans seen traveling across Mexico. Now the Daily Signal reports Venezuela’s rate of violent crimes dropped by more than two-thirds since 2016—26.8 violent deaths per 100,000 in 2023, down from 92 per 100,000 in 2016.

So Venezuela has actively exported much of its violent crime to America, which has welcomed it with open arms under the Biden administration.

It’s not just Venezuela, either. Criminals and gang members from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and other nations have easily crossed the border and committed heinous crimes—again, crimes that never would have happened if America still had secure borders. This shocking report from American Greatness about violent crimes committed by illegals notes, “Earlier this month, a majority of House Democrats opposed legislation aimed at denying admission or deporting foreign nationals who had admitted to or been convicted of specific crimes, including Social Security fraud.”

Nonprofits Using American Tax Money to Hide Illegal Immigrants from Prying Eyes

The Federalist spoke with Fox News reporter Rachel Campos-Duffy about non-governmental organizations (NGOs) secretively housing and transporting illegal immigrants inside the United States:

After being thrown out of a Tucson hotel, Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy told The Federalist, “They were super secretive.”

“These NGOs, as far as I’m concerned, are an arm of the Democratic Party,” said Campos-Duffy. “The Democrats are getting more illegals, which they hope to turn into voters. The NGOs are making money, and the small businesses like these hotels are making money.”

An Arizona hotel in Tuscon is secretively housing illegal migrants who cross the border, according to an investigation by Campos-Duffy.

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She revealed more detail in two videos on XTwitter, including harassment by security:

The facilities are run by Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, according to The Federalist. That is just one of the many organizations under the umbrella of the Catholic Church, which receives billions annually from the federal government. Most of that is legitimate charity, but according to one report:

Catholic organizations are among the top recipients of federal immigration funds. Between 2008-2022, Catholic charitable organizations received approximately $3 billion in federal funding. The USCCB acts as a kind of general contractor. It is the single largest grantee of subawards in the nation. For example, Catholic Charities receives direct funding from the USG but also subawards from the USCCB.  According to Forbes, in 2022 Catholic Charities USA was the 13th-largest U.S. charity. Of $4.7 billion in total revenues, Catholic Charities received $1.4 billion from government support.  

In short, the globalist Left and the Biden Administration are hiding behind faith-based organizations to keep federal grants flowing to assist illegal immigration and to deflect from the horrific criminal results. Meanwhile, it is clear many Catholic charities benefit financially from their participation in—and promotion of—illegal immigration.  

That’s just the Catholic Church. There are hundreds of other churches, nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and private contractors using U.S. taxpayer money to enable the disaster at the border, profiting at every stop along the way.

Quick Hits

The Federalist reported on MSNBC mocking the border as a major issue in the Super Tuesday primary elections:

“I live in Virginia. Immigration was the number one issue,” President Joe Biden’s former White House Press Secretary-turned MSNBC host Jen Psaki quipped during her network’s Super Tuesday election coverage. “Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia,” Maddow retorted, receiving another round of laughs.

Fox News reported a huge surge of illegals at the southern border over a recent weekend.

The FBI office in Miami issued an alert seeking information on an Iranian intelligence officer wanted for questioning regarding the recruitment of terrorists inside the United States to target current and former U.S. officials for killing Qasem Soleimani. He has ties to Iran and Venezuela, according to the FBI.

War correspondent Michael Yon reported on the expansion of a Chinese migrant camp in Panama that serves to fuel the influx of military aged males coming to America illegally.

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