Michigan Voters: Close the Border, Joe!

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Open Borders

Biden’s open border has triggered a crime wave in America’s heartland, flooding communities with drugs and illegal aliens. Michiganders are sick of the chaos.

In Joe Biden’s America, every state is a border state.

Fully three-quarters of Michigan voters are outraged with the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, with 73 percent calling it “weak” and more than half (55 percent) calling it “very weak,” according to a new poll by Steve Cortes’ League of American Workers.

That spells disaster in the key swing state, which voted for Trump in 2016 and flipped back to Biden in 2020.

Before Biden took office in 2021, illegal immigration had been largely curtailed by President Donald Trump and crime contained to the southern border. Now Biden’s radical anti-border policy has created a national crime wave spreading to everyone’s backyard.

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Biden Buyer’s Remorse

As communities suffer, Joe Biden is pretending there is no crime problem in America. He recently touted a drop in violent crime, saying ““Murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery — all dropped sharply.”

On the contrary—lying Biden ignored the fact that “40% of law enforcement agencies around the country did not submit any data in 2021 to a newly revised FBI crime statistics collection program,” according to the Marshall Project. Of course crime statistics are going to drop when cities like New York and Los Angeles are no longer reporting their data!

Democrats are desperately hoping voters won’t notice the violence in their neighborhoods by sweeping the truth under the rug. But it isn’t working.

In the Detroit sector, illegal alien arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are up 75 percent in just 2 years—from 2,031 arrests in 2021 to 3,637 in 2023, and those are just the ones that get caught.

Democrats aren’t fooling anyone in Michigan who see the fallout from Biden’s open border policies and are flocking to team Trump.

Restoration News has reported on how the media is suppressing real reporting on the vicious murder of Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student, by an illegal alien from Venezuela. That story is tragic— but it’s just one of many examples of violence and crime committed by illegals across the nation every day.

In January, an illegal from El Salvador killed a mother and son in a DUI vehicular homicide in Broomfield, Colorado—a town just outside of the sanctuary city of Denver. He had previously been deported 4 times.

These criminals are breaking the law to get into our country, what’s stopping them from continuing to break the law? Certainly not the sanctuary cities and NGO’s being funded by your tax dollars who continue to harbor them.

Illegal aliens are coming across the border in droves, terrorizing communities and harming children, but Democrats only care about manipulating their data to cover up what is really happening. It’s time to replace Democrats—including the one in the White House. Biden has the power to shut down the border, but he won’t, and now he has the blood of children on his hands for his failure to act to protect the people of this nation.

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