North Carolina Dems Vote to Shield Sanctuary Cities & Criminal Aliens

by | May 23, 2024 | Law and Fair Courts, Open Borders

While Republicans are working to protect law enforcement and local communities, Democrats are melting America’s borders down for political profit

Why are Democrats hellbent on protecting foreign criminals in our midst?

On May 15, Democrats in North Carolina’s legislature unanimously voted against a bill (HB 10) mandating that county sheriffs cooperate with immigration officials to protect North Carolinians from illegal aliens who commit crimes. The “Sheriff’s Bill,” in other words, cracks down on Democrat-run sanctuary cities which shield criminal aliens from deportation, in breach of U.S. law. That’s what Democrats want to protect, not your family.

Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper has also vetoed similar bills twice in recent years, indicating his unwavering support for lawlessness—but Republicans now hold supermajorities in both the House and State Senate, empowering them to override Cooper’s looming veto.

Dems Nullify Our Border Laws

In 2018, North Carolina sheriffs in in Democratic-heavy areas began ignoring Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers, warrantless requests aimed at preventing the release of illegal immigrants while federal authorities arrange for their pickup and deportation. These sheriffs viewed the detainers as beyond their scope of duty and believed they fostered division within the community.

“We do not make or enforce immigration laws; that is not part of our law enforcement duties,” Buncombe County Sheriff Quentin Miller (D) said in 2018.

Fast forward to today, and the lawlessness protected by these sanctuary cities have wreaked mayhem and devastation in North Carolina communities.

“Leftist political influence on law enforcement has created the need for this legislation. Unfortunately, in 2018, several sheriffs in North Carolina started refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities,” State Rep. Destin Hall (R), the bill’s sponsor, told Restoration News.

“One of the biggest problems is that these sanctuary sheriffs oversee law enforcement of our state’s most densely populated counties,” Rep. Hall explained. “The criminals whom they let out of their jails move out and go to other counties and other states. These sheriffs have caved to the desires of radical leftists which now forces us to make a law about something that never needed to be legislated before.”After North Carolina Sheriffs went rogue and abandoned their duties, leaving citizens unprotected, Republicans began crafting legislation (HB 370) that would prevent illegal aliens from being released and allowed to continue committing crimes. Now, HB 10 is the third iteration of the bill that Democrats have continued to fight against. Why?

It’s astonishing that lawmakers would endorse lawlessness at the expense of North Carolina’s safety, yet the Left persists. Their immigration policies mirror those of President Joe Biden, who has seemingly opened the border to almost anyone—allowing nearly 9,300,000 illegal immigrants to arrive at the southwest border and 6,300,000 to travel to communities inside the United States.

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Helping the Virus to Spread

In February, 22-year-old University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley was murdered by illegal alien and Venezuelan national Jose Antonio Ibarra in Athens-Clarke County, a sanctuary city whose sheriff refused to cooperate with ICE.

Ibarra, who was helped into the country by Biden’s border agents and had previously been detained in New York before moving to Athens—a move allowed by sheriffs who do not report illegal aliens to ICE.

Ibarra was ultimately paroled by authorities due to detention center “spacing issues.”

The horror of Riley’s murder became a catalyst for states like Georgia and North Carolina to crack down on sanctuary cities, as the Left is fully in favor of allowing illegal aliens to run wild. “Our current attorney general is not going to do anything about illegal immigration. In fact, by all accounts, he appears to agree with Joe Biden’s open border policy. He is against this bill,” Rep. Hall said.

Riley wasn’t the only victim of leftist policies. In March, a Venezuelan sexually assaulted and choked a woman on the campus of the University of Illinois. Just hours later, the same man stalked and choked another woman during an attempted robbery.

The illegal alien was reportedly being housed at a taxpayer-funded shelter. How can the Left not only turn a blind eye but proudly sponsor the continued suffering of law-abiding Americans?

In total, despite being only 7 percent of the population, Illegal aliens account for 64 percent of all federal arrests, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) report from 2021. Border Patrol data since 2017 indicates that 68,793 illegal aliens have been convicted of crimes.

Among these, 5,873 were convicted of assault, battery, or domestic violence, 4,217 were charged with burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, or fraud, while 180 faced manslaughter charges, and 1,687 were convicted of sexual offenses.

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Secondhand Murder?

While not all illegal aliens are engaging in serious crimes like murder, rape, arson, or burglary, the wide-open border facilitating their entry also permits vast quantities of drugs to flood our communities.

In 2021, close to 107,000 Americans succumbed to drug overdoses, with opioids, notably fentanyl, emerging as the primary culprit. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is 50 times more potent than heroin and a staggering 100 times more potent than morphine.

A significant amount of the fentanyl found in circulation comes from either Mexico or China, often with support from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Due to President Biden’s policies, the southern border continues to serve as a major gateway for this deadly substance, contributing to over 70 percent of overdose incidents in 2022.

Americans are tired of leftist policies wreaking havoc in their backyards. North Carolina Republicans are now trying to clean up the Left’s mess and Democrat lawmakers are doing everything in their power to promote the other side.

This insanity cannot be allowed to continue.

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