Swing State Dems Oppose Laken Riley Act, Shielding Criminal Aliens

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Open Borders

No one’s community is safe with Democrats at the helm. How many more daughters will be murdered before voters take action against the radical Left?

More proof that extreme Democrats have made protecting violent illegal aliens their top priority… as if we needed it.

Just 37 Democrats joined all House Republicans in voting for the Laken Riley Act (H.R. 7511), a bill named for murdered University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. Riley was bludgeoned to death in late February in Athens, a sanctuary city, by Jose Ibarra, a criminal Venezuelan who entered the country illegally in 2022 through Joe Biden’s open border—even receiving aid from Biden’s border agents to do so.

“While we can’t bring Laken back, we must now turn our focus to doing everything we can to prevent this from happening to another America,” Republican leadership announced.

Critically, the Laken Riley Act would empower state attorneys general to sue Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas—recently impeached by the House after utterly failing to protect the border—for violating non-citizen detention and parole laws, especially where Americans are harmed. The bill further calls for Biden to end his catch-and-release policy and reinstate President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which kept non-citizens from entering the U.S. illegally.

It also sews up a loophole Jose Ibarra exploited prior to murdering Riley. Ibarra was cited, but not arrested and deported, for shoplifting in New York. Under this new bill, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be able to arrest illegal aliens for “theft-related crimes, such as shoplifting.”

If that law had been on the books in February, Ibarra would’ve been deported back to Venezuela—not free to murder a college student.

This shouldn’t be controversial. Yet every “progressive” in the committee where the bill originated voted against its passage. Why do so many Democrats want to keep killers like Jose Ibarra on our streets?

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D–Clown World

Restoration News has previously reported on the swing state Democrats who voted against a commonsense measure to deport non-citizens who drive drunk. Even more are back to vote against the Laken Riley Act. We’ve compiled a list of key Democrats who voted to preserve Biden’s open border chaos, and risk the lives of more young women like Riley.

All 5 of Georgia’s Democrat congressmen—Sanford Bishop, Hank Johnson, Lucy McBath, David Scott, and Nikema Williams—voted against the bill. Each stands with open borders activists groups pressuring Biden to keep the border permanently open.

Both of Wisconsin’s Democrats, Mark Pocan and Gwen Moore, opposed the Laken Riley Act. Pocan sponsored a 2018 bill to abolish ICE, while Moore later cheered on dangerous protesters who surrounded an ICE building in Milwaukee, threatening to stop federal agents from “carry[ing] out enforcement actions.”

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In North Carolina, 5 of the Tar Heel state’s 7 Democrats voted against it: Valeria Foushee, who voted against Republicans’ Secure the Border Act last year; Alma Adams, who bragged about supporting citizenship for illegal aliens; outgoing Rep. Kathy Manning; Wiley Nickel, who sponsored a bill to grant illegal aliens citizenship; and Deborah Ross, who opposed efforts to protect Americans from illegal alien-brought diseases under Title 42.

Ditto in Michigan, with 5 of its 7 House Democrats opposing the bill: Debbie Dingell, who’s tried to foist blame for the border on Republicans; Dan Kildee, who voted in 2019 to block Trump from deploying troops on the border to enforce immigration laws; Haley Stevens; Shri Thanedar; and Rashida Tlaib, Hamas’ best friend in Congress. All support granting illegal aliens U.S. citizenship.

And Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva declined to vote at all. Recall that Grijalva attacked even Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs’ halfhearted decision to send Arizona national guardsmen to the Lukeville crossing in December, a distraction from her history of supporting illegal aliens.

Now the Laken Riley Act is headed for the Democrat-controlled Senate. If Senate Democrats are anything like their radical counterparts in the House, don’t count on it passing—instead, expect the violence to continue.

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