The Bidenvasion Goes Medieval on Wisconsin

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Open Borders

Wisconsin communities are awash with murderers, rapists, thieves, and drug traffickers from south of the border

Wisconsin is America’s newest border state, thanks to the Bidenvasion. Illegal aliens are committing heinous crimes in staggering numbers across the Badger State, from raping children to stabbing women. Along with this crime wave is a flood of lethal drugs like fentanyl that has become the number one killer of young Americans.

Restoration News is breaking the Left’s quiet cover-up of this Bidenvasion by reporting the illegal alien crimes that the legacy media won’t admit are tearing our nation apart.

We’ve documented thousands of violent crimes by illegal aliens across America in just the past 4 months—made that much harder by woke sanctuary cities that suppress the truth and shield criminals. But no amount of darkness will stop us from shining the light across the nation.

That includes unthinkable crimes against helpless children the Left doesn’t want Wisconsinites to know about.

Barbarians at Inside the Gates

On May 18th in Oakfield, Wisconsin, illegal aliens Elia Antonio and her boyfriend, Juan Carlos Rocha Mejia, were arrested on charges of first-degree sexual assault, child enticement, strangulation, and false imprisonment.

Police were called when a frantic child knocked on the door of a residence seeking help. The 12-year-old girl told police that Juan attempted to blindfold her, but she fought back preventing it from happening. He taped her left hand to the seat of the van but she fought back—kicking and scratching—and was able to remove the tape. Juan then covered her mouth and nose so she couldn’t breathe, she continued to fight and was able to bite him and open the door to get out of the van.

Juan attempted to push her back in, but this brave young girl got away and outran him to get help.

The child’s mother, Elia, told police, “He’s been trying to buy my daughter from me, buy [with] money, probably rape her, you know, like sell her to different people, you know, and stuff like that.”

Elia explained to police that Juan was known to “buy” people with money. And Juan had reportedly tried to rape the victim in the past—apparently forcing Elia to cooperate under duress.

According to Elia, Juan told her: “This time it better work, whether or not or we’ll tie her up, we’ll tie her up, you’ve got to put her to sleep if you don’t want her to be tied up.” Before the attempted rape, Elia reportedly told her daughter to “take a shower and to wear something nice.”

At the time of this incident, Elia was out on bail. She had two previous arrests for possession of cocaine in both Dodge County and Fond Du Lac. Why was this illegal alien released and what type of mother would sell her daughter to be raped?

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Criminals—NOT Refugees

The Democrats want everyone to believe that the people crossing the border are refugees fleeing war-torn countries. That isn’t what our reporting has found, many of these people are criminals evading prosecution in their home country.

The military aged men coming to America are dangerous. Wilmer Martinez Sanchez, an illegal alien from Nicaragua living in Green Bay, was arrested in April for repeatedly sexually assaulting a 9-year-old little girl. The victim told police that Sanchez was living with the family and is accused of sexually assaulting the child while her mom was at work and her sister slept. He was serving a 15-day sentence for credit card theft when the crime was reported to police.

In Fond Du Lac County another illegal alien, Fermin Teodoro Lopez-Mendoza, was charged with attempted homicide in March after he stabbed a woman multiple times with a steak knife.

That same month in Juneau County, Adelvis Rodriguez-Carmona was arrested for involvement in a drive by shooting. He is an alleged member of a Venezuelan gang and Venezuela refuses to take him back.

Also in March, Brayan Anduaga Colin was convicted of strangulation and suffocation in Walworth County. This illegal alien had prior arrests, including possession with the intent to deliver drugs on or near a school, operating a vehicle without a license, and possession of cocaine. Why did law enforcement continue to release him back on the streets to commit more crimes? Records indicate he has finally been placed on immigration hold for ICE.

Each of these headline-making stories happened in a single month—yet few Wisconsinites have heard them. Not from the “mainstream” media, anyway.

Jails across this nation may be filled with criminal illegal aliens but Democrat-run cities with sanctuary policies hide this information from the public. It is the job of sheriffs to protect their community from these predators. They need to be held accountable for reporting illegal alien criminals to ICE so they can be removed from our country.

Wisconsinites are being terrorized by the Democrats open border policies. Biden and his elected Democrat minions only care about one thing—potential future voters—even if they are violent criminals.

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