Why Does Katie Hobbs Refuse to Seal Arizona’s Border?

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Open Borders

More proof that America’s worst governor chooses illegal aliens over Arizona families every time.

With the Biden administration choosing not to enforce U.S. law, it’s up to states to ensure rule of law at the southern border. Republicans in Texas and Arizona have shown they have the backbone to do what it takes by empowering local law enforcement to arrest illegal aliens threatening our communities.

Only Democrats like Katie Hobbs are standing in their way.

On March 4, the Democrat Governor vetoed a bill (SB 1231) which would’ve made it a crime for non-citizens to enter Arizona except through one of 22 lawful ports of entry, allowing police officers to arrest anyone trying to sneak across the border illegally. The bill mirrored legislation recently passed in Texas (SB 4), currently stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court until the justices can weigh in on the border crisis later this month.

By vetoing the bill—her first veto of the 2024 session—Hobbs is greenlighting more illegal immigration into Arizona, with all the crime, disease, and strain to social services that it entails. Buckle up.

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Unprecedented Crime Wave

One day after Hobbs vetoed SB 1231, Customs and Border Protection agents arrested a smuggler carrying $11 million in fentanyl pills along the Mexican border.

Restoration News was the first to report that 1 in 34 Arizonans will die from overdose from the lethal, often Chinese-made fentanyl flowing across our sieve-turned-southern border.

In 2023, federal law enforcement brought criminal charges against over 6,100 illegal aliens in Arizona alone. Prosecutors charged another 1,054 “coyotes” for smuggling non-citizens into the state last year, and hundreds more for smuggling drugs through these ports of entry.

Despite this, the Biden administration has arrested and removed significantly fewer criminal aliens than the Trump administration—reporting 67 percent fewer deportations, 57 percent fewer arrests of criminal aliens, and 55 percent fewer immigration-related criminal convictions.

Simply put, Arizonans can’t count on Uncle Sam to enforce the law—but Katie Hobbs Democrats won’t let Arizonans enforce it, either.

Recall that, while she was still in the state senate, Hobbs voted to defund Arizona’s drug enforcement Border Strike Force in 2016, 2017, and 2018. There’s no logical reason to do so—unless your aim is to reward drug cartels and punish law-abiding Arizonans.

In the 2022 governor’s race, Hobbs attacked Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s effort to seal the border with shipping containers and razor wire as “an expensive political stunt”—even after Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls pointed out that the strategy “closed off the most active areas.”

Then she blamed Donald Trump—the man who did the most of anyone to secure our border—for failing to finish the border wall he first called for in 2015. “I think if a wall was the solution, then the wall would be done. That’s what Donald Trump ran on and he had the ability to do that when he was president,” she yammered unconvincingly. Missing from that deflection: Any pledge to seal the “massive gap” outside Yuma.

As Governor, Hobbs later vetoed a Republican bill to criminalize the use of electronic devices to aid human smuggling. Why? Because that’s what her far-left activist allies want.

Hobbs was endorsed by—and welcomed on the campaign trail—Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), which aims to defund the police and abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with funding from George Soros et al.

At least 7.2 million illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden took office in 2021, bigger than the population of 36 U.S. states. It’s estimated that, if Biden wins reelection in November, we can expect another 15 to 20 million illegal aliens by the time he leaves office in Jan. 2029.

Arizonans, ask yourself: Are you safer than you were four years ago? Are you richer or poorer? Are you more afraid for your family’s safety, or less? And are you willing to risk another four years of Democrat chaos in the White House?

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