BREAKING: Radical Chapel Hill School Board Warping Kids Into Social Justice Warriors

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Transgender Agenda

Left-wing extremists are defying the North Carolina Parents’ Bill of Rights and giving families the boot

The tyrants on the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School Board have determined they are above the law and will decide what is best for students—and parents just got kicked out of the equation. The Chapel Hill school board has blatantly refused to adopt important provisions of the new Parents’ Bill of Rights that is now the law of the land in North Carolina, making it the latest district to defy the family-empowering legislation.

To further add to their extremism, they have implemented radical social justice measures into the curriculum of all schools. It’s up to parents to defeat and replace these radicals, or lose their kids to the woke Left.

Break the Law, Lose Your Seat

Board chair George Griffin proudly states that government—not parents—knows what’s best for students in his “George’s School Board Update Newsletter”:

After several months of review and discussion, the board unanimously decided that two sections of the law were not supportive of our students’ welfare. Specifically, the requirements to automatically notify parents of pronoun or name changes, and the prohibition of instruction about gender identity, sexual activity, and sexuality in grades K-4, were rejected by the board.

Griffin asks “what happens next.” As an experienced school board member, let me answer that question.

It’s evident that since the Chapel Hill school board has blatantly snubbed its nose at the adopted laws of North Carolina, parents must take decisive action. School board members are sworn into office under an oath that affirms they will be faithful to the powers and authorities established for the government of the state.

State law (NC § 14-230) is clear that if a school board member refuses to “discharge any of the duties of his office . . . he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.” The law further indicates that if convicted he “shall be punished by removal” from office.

The Chapel Hill school board has refused to discharge their duties and adopt policies in accordance with the Parents’ Bill of Rights that prevent school employees from – encouraging gender transition of children at school without parent knowledge.

It also appears the board is still permitting boys to participate in girls’ sports—another violation of the Parents’ Bill of Rights. The school board’s athletics policy reveals that students can “participate on the athletic team matching their gender identity if the student’s request is approved by the [North Carolina High School Athletic Association] Gender Identity Committee.” Why hasn’t Griffin addressed the gender in sports issue?

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Fortunately for parents, the North Carolina Parents’ Bill of Rights has remedies built into the legislation to hold defiant school employees accountable for not following the law.

Not only is the school board subject to criminal charges, teachers are subject to disciplinary action under the law if they encourage any child to withhold information from their parent. The law also provides that if a parent concern is not resolved by the school within 30 days, a parent may bring an action in court against the school for a declaratory judgment. The court may award attorneys’ fees to a parent who is awarded injunctive relief.

The decision by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School Board to intentionally dismiss the law as directed by the state legislature not only puts individual board members in jeopardy of being removed from office and possible jail time, but they have also put their employees at risk of disciplinary action.

The same goes for parents in other North Carolina school districts where bureaucrats and school board officials have thumbed their noses at the law. They should immediately request that charges be filed against every school board member who has voted in opposition.

Training Marxists

One clever way school boards stealth-implement controversial changes is by hiding their votes in a “consent agenda,” where items are voted on in a bloc and without discussion. On Feb. 15th, the Chapel Hill school board voted to approve Policy 3100 directing teachers and staff to implement “racial equity, social justice action, and cultural humility and understanding” in school curriculum.

The district already has a Social Justice Academy active in one of its public high schools. At least parents can choose whether their children attend this program and become victims of socialist indoctrination. If this Marxism is embedded into the curriculum throughout the district, parents may not have a choice about participating—or even know it’s happening!

The school board’s radical leftist agenda is hidden in plain sight. The division’s core values are “Engagement, Social Justice Action, Collective Efficacy, Wellness, and Joy”—notice it doesn’t include academic achievement among them.

Read the Chapel Hill school district’s strategic plan and you’ll see similarities to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

The plan states: “We believe critical consciousness helps us to recognize the history and tradition of past and present injustices.” A “critical consciousness” occurs when a person has “become aware, in light of this worldview, that you are either oppressed or an oppressor—or, at least, complicit in oppression as a result of your socialization into an oppressive system.” The plan to indoctrinate Chapel Hill-Carrboro students in Marxist principles is clearly laid out in the district’s public documents.

The district’s Policy 3100 similarly instructs teachers to implement “cultural humility.”What does this term mean? Like critical consciousness, it’s rooted in Critical Race Theory ideology and instructs individuals to critique their own “biases” rooted in their personal history, gender, and culture. More cultural Marxism.

The districts strategic plan document also emphasizes the need to have equitable outcomes for students. While providing equal opportunities for students is admirable and should be every school division’s goal, ensuring specific (“equitable”) outcomes for all students is an anti-capitalist, communist approach.

North Carolina Republicans have attempted multiple times to pass legislation that would prevent this cultural Marxism, but Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper continues to block it. Parents, you must fight this radicalism—or lose your kids.

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