BREAKING: Rogue North Carolina School Boards Choose Trans Activists Over Parents

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Transgender Agenda

While Republicans protect families, woke schools crusade for the far Left

Several school districts are openly defying the new Parents’ Bill of Rights law in North Carolina, which had a Jan. 1 deadline for implementation.

One district went so far as to say the state cannot punish them for not complying. This sets up an election year fight, pitting radical leftist school boards on one side against parents and Republican legislators on the other. Time will tell if it gets as nasty as the Florida fight over what “progressives” deliberately misnamed the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

North Carolina’s legislature passed a commonsense Parents’ Bill of Rights law in August 2023, similar to that passed by the Florida legislature that proponents dubbed the “Anti-Groomer Bill.” The North Carolina law requires parental notification when students ask to be identified by a different name or pronoun at school, allows parents to review curriculum and textbooks, establishes age-appropriate limits on gender and sexuality instruction, and protects the rights of parents to address their concerns over what the district teaches to their children.

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the bill. The Republican controlled legislature then overrode his veto, making the Parents’ Bill of Rights the law of the state by a wide margin, and instilling the Jan. 1 deadline for compliance. Incidentally, Cooper also opposed another sensible education bill expanding  school choice. When the legislature sent that bill to his desk, Cooper declared a state of emergency.

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Former Buncombe County school board member Lisa Baldwin blasted the decision by districts to employ delay tactics on the required policies, telling Restoration News:

School boards must enforce school law, including the Parents’ Bill of Rights. Parents and citizens were met with resistance and anger from the Buncombe County Board of Education when they asked for full compliance with this commonsense law. I am disappointed in the school board’s irresponsibility and arrogance toward their constituents and the state legislature as they resist full implementation of the law in their Board policies. Rather than cast doubt on the Parents’ Bill of Rights, these radical actions of defiance by the Buncombe County Board of Education and the Asheville Board of Education have only further demonstrated why this important law was needed in the first place and just how disconnected these school boards have become from parents and basic common sense.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro school board defied the Parents’ Bill of Rights by passing new policies in direct defiance of the law. In a Jan. 16 vote, the board “stood up for what’s right” with policies designed to cut out parents when their students ask to be identified by alternative pronouns instead of informing them. The board also refused to ban gender identity studies for kindergarten through 4th grade, while tasking administrators to come up with ways to “protect students and staff” over pronouns and gender-related name changes.

That’s right. The district wants to protect itself and its gender experimentation policies… from parents.

The State Senate Majority Whip Jim Perry (R) responded on X/Twitter, saying:

When we pass laws for society, we can’t prevent them from being broken, but we can provide appropriate consequences.  School board members take an oath to uphold our State Constitution, and State Laws.  There must be consequence for breaking laws, or moral hazard will rule the day.  There would be no law and order or safety and security in our society without consequences.

I have spoken with several colleagues this morning. A supermajority voted for that legislation.  I look forward to addressing this lawless behavior in the short session.  This presents a great opportunity to see where others stand on law and order.

Bowing to the LGBTotalitarians

Other school districts have followed a similar path. The Asheville City Board of Education has taken steps to avoid “undue harm” to LGBTQ+ students from the new law, while stalling an actual vote. Board members and the board attorney repeatedly stated the new law conflicted with their “mission.”

Board chair George Sieburg said, “Understanding that the law as written will impact the LGBTQ+ community so deeply, we as a board want to be so deliberate about the language so as to limit its harm as much as possible.”

Notably, at the board meeting on Jan. 18, Sieburg denied public comment, except for two parents who spoke out against the “harm” done by the Parents’ Bill of Rights. According to local news reports, “The board elected to change language to simply refer to the law, rather than restate what board member Amy Ray said was harmful language written in the law.” Ray openly defied the legislature, saying any lawsuit against the district would have to “identify specific harm” resulting from the policy passed by the school board.

Instead, the Asheville pushed off any implementation of the law until its February meeting, daring the legislature to fight back. Chris Campbell, the board attorney, said the district is compliant, “other than the fact they haven’t finalized the policies yet.”

Democrats All In for Radical Gender Ideology

Activists from around the country have descended on North Carolina, as they did in Florida before. While most parents and voters support these laws, radical out-of-state activist nonprofits continue to organize protests while using inflammatory language to mischaracterize the law. One radical organization has listed North Carolina as the second-worst state, behind Florida, for LGBTQ+ students.

Other school boards, like the Orange County Board of Education, have passed watered-down policies they hope will escape the ire of the legislature, but don’t honor the spirit or letter of the Parental Bill of Rights.

These school boards in Democrat-run cities all share one thing in common: Utter disdain for the rights of parents who want an active role in the education of their children in public schools.

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