Defeating the Trans Cult Begins by Rejecting Lies

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Transgender Agenda

Conservatives must stop letting the Left dictate the terms of our debate.

In 2020, a conservative Republican in Oregon ran against a radical leftist for Secretary of State. During the antifa/BLM riots, while forest fires raged around the state and turned the skies into a Martian landscape, and Covid lockdowns descended upon the voters without warning, the conservative candidate issued a statement in which she expressed agreement that we must root out “systemic racism” and fight it at every level.

Given the sudden loss of normalcy and subsequent disorientation, it seemed like something she needed to do, to address the issue that dominated the news every night. Just check the box and move on to the issues she wanted to talk about.

In hindsight, however, the lies surrounding the concept of systemic racism have been laid bare. The conservative Republican lost that race, and at least some of that loss can be attributed to her statement that drew no contrast between herself and her radical leftist opponent.

Meanwhile, just a year prior, Glenn Youngkin and several other Republicans cruised to victory over heavily favored Democrats in the election for Virginia governor and other statewide offices. Parents took over their local school boards, ousting radical leftists across the state.

Truth or Lies?

These episodes present an interesting framework in a much longer timeline, in which conservatives running for office and appearing on cable news have too often refused to reject the false premises on which the professional Left builds its accusations against American culture. This has gone on for decades. We find ourselves in quite a predicament while too many on the Right refuse to show leadership on the major fights of our time, despite seeing the fruits of taking on the culture war and winning elections.

During Pride Month™, it becomes clear that the entire culture has decided to embrace debauchery and mental illness.

Gone are those innocent days when Gay Pride parades lasted a day (usually Father’s Day)—and only featured occasional sex acts on the parade floats. Nowadays, the Biden White House has normalized violations of our nation’s flag code to elevate the 2SLGBTQIAA++ flag to a place of prominence over our symbol of liberty and justice for all, while naked transgenders cavort on the White House lawn.

British workers casually dropped the Union Jack on the ground while removing it for a pride flag display over the streets of London. Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas took time out of his busy schedule of securing the border to participate in a formal flag-raising ceremony for the rainbow-plus flag, complete with military honor guard. Corporations rush to join in the fun, promoting rainbows wherever they go.

The radical Left has pushed the envelope further than anyone could have realized even a few years ago, because they meet no resistance in large swaths of our society. It’s time for conservatives to change that, by rejecting the false premises and outright lies on which this licentious new culture is based.

Most insidious, perhaps, is how the corporate media treats Pride Month™. It started with radical leftist outlets adopting phrases like “gender-affirming care,” or “the gender you were assigned at birth,” created by activist groups. Pretty soon, it caught fire and took over—even right-leaning outlets have now adopted these Orwellian terms.

Refuse to Participate

The way to fight back is simple, but it isn’t easy. It requires honesty, leadership, boldness, and a commitment to conservative principles – and basic sense. We must lead, and we must demand better of those in positions to lead.

We must, simply, refuse to participate. We have to reject the false premises of the Left. This has been an ongoing problem on the Right for decades, but now the fight is critical as we watch our culture slip away. We cannot simply let it pass when someone talks about “LGBT rights,” or “gender-affirming care,” or states banning books.

They’ll accuse conservatives of hate crimes for using the name on the birth certificate of an individual who has transitioned, or for using the wrong pronouns. If one were to question the wild claims that children must transition or they’ll commit suicide, there will be riots. If one brings up de-transitioners, the cops might get called out.

None of those claims have any basis in truth, but too often conservatives will try to finesse their way around an issue to avoid controversy.

The good news is that we can, indeed, defeat the crazy. We simply have to try.

Refuse to accept new terminology like gender-affirming care, or to use nonsensical grammatical constructs like pronouns. Insist on a return to actual normalcy, a world in which our leaders alike promote the best traits of all Americans and the values that bind us together as a union and a people. Insist on the best in culture, instead of our basest impulses.

When having a conversation with regular folks—read: not activists—ask lots of questions. What rights do gays and lesbians not currently hold in American society? Why is it ok to have illustrated manuals of sex acts in elementary school libraries? What proof can you provide that suicide rates are lower for folks who have transitioned? How can you be sure a child with questions isn’t simply going through a phase? Should the tomboys of generations past have been transitioned before they reached adulthood? Does it make any sense to claim a doctor assigned a child a temporary gender until he or she could figure it out on their own? Why do drag queens need to perform for underage audiences?

Don’t be afraid to confront these issues head on, with compassion and curiosity.

What we can no longer afford to do is to simply let these concepts go unchallenged. It’s not ok for elementary school children to give dollar bills to drag performers. It’s not ok for children to receive irreversible puberty blockers and permanent genital alteration surgeries. It’s not ok for schools to promote the idea that traditional families don’t matter.

It’s not ok to promote mental illness as a mere lifestyle choice. A society that does that will not last very long. We need to have the courage of our convictions to say so. Bud Light and Target show us that we can be successful if we reject the false premises on which the Left builds their nutty concepts.

Jeff Reynolds is the author of the book, Behind the Curtain: Inside the Network of Progressive Billionaires and Their Effort to Undermine Democracy. You can find all his work at

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