Don’t Let Woke Teachers Unions Raise Your Taxes. Vote No on April 2 to Protect Milwaukee Students

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Transgender Agenda

Milwaukee voters must reject the radical Left’s $252 million tax giveaway to fund the transgender war on schoolchildren. Vote no on April 2!

Milwaukee Public Schools has a referendum on the ballot on April 2nd that would increase property taxes nearly 10 percent—even as student enrollment has dropped 10 percent.

In 2016, the district defunded the police and kicked officers out of the schools. Despite a requirement in the state’s funding law requiring Milwaukee Public Schools to return 25 officers to the buildings by Jan. 1, there are still no officers present.

The Milwaukee teachers’ union overlords oppose having officer’s in schools and are pushing the referendum tax increase on the community.

In Chicago, the teachers’ union led students directly from the classroom to the voting booths and pressured them to vote for a tax increase. Watch out: the Milwaukee teachers’ union may do the same.

Even though Milwaukee Public Schools is swimming in COVID money and receiving $23,000 per student in taxpayer funds, they still want more. Voters should ask the school board what they have done to cut costs and save money—nothing.

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This is what the district should do to reduce spending and avoid stealing more from taxpayer wallets:

  • Defund the $1 million Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program;
  • Consolidate and sell surplus property—10 school buildings are up to 50 percent under capacity;
  • Cut overhead by downsizing and reducing the salaries of the bloated, highly paid administration—the superintendent makes over $300,000;
  • Cancel the $292,000 contract with the Pacific Educational Group that pushes Critical Race Theory ideology onto staff and students; and
  • Eliminate professional services contracts worth nearly $2 million to organizations like “TransCenter for Youth” and the “ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation.”

Milwaukee Public Schools agenda doesn’t include cutting Leftist programs. In January, they spent an entire week celebrating the pro-Hamas Black Lives Matter organization instead of focusing on tutoring children—the districts reading and math proficiency scores are abysmal.

It is clear that this referendum is not about the district properly funding schools to educate children—it’s about bleeding taxpayers dry to indoctrinate children in their Leftist ideologies.

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